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Think before showing your LinkedIn profile in your blog or Email signature [Resolved]

LinkedIn is one of popular Social Networking websites.

I used to show my LinkedIn profile in many places including my blog and email signature.

Even I used to send email invites to the people who are in my email address book.

Yesterday also I had sent many email invites. But, starting from Yesterday evening I couldn't login into the LinkedIn Site.

It showed error message "Access to this account has been suspended"

So, immediately emailed the Linked Customer Service asking about the reason for this issue and ETA for resolving this issue.

But, I didn't get any reply other than the below message which was sent automatically.

LinkedIn has received your question. A service professional will review and respond to your inquiry as quickly as possible. Thank you!

I didn't get any reply for my below message also.

Any updates?

Please let me know whether I will be getting back the account, or I need to create new account?
I have provided the my LinkedIn profile in many places.

So, I would like to know whether I need to remove them or I will be getting back the account soon?

Since I didn't get any response from LinkedIn Customer Service , I contacted the @LinkedIn

And, I got immediately reply from them.

I had sent them the error message details and DM my email id as they asked, and waiting for their reply.

Now I am having below questions.

1. Why LinkedIn Customer Service is not sending any reply for my query whereas LinkedIn Twitter account sends reply? Is the LinkedIn Twitter account is NOT an official account? I am not seeing Twitter "Verified" symbol for this account.

2. The reason for suspending my account? From my Google search I came to know that some people already faced this issue and stated the reason as the excessive email invites to the unknown people. If this is the reason then it is completely meaningless. Because some simple software module for tracking the "I don't know" responses can be used for limiting the available invitation count to avoid any spam. No need to suspend the account. And first of all it is very difficult to measure whether I know the person or not.

Anyway, always I will be against any Spam activity as I know the importance of avoiding spam in our forum.

And, one person had mentioned that his profile got blocked because he used his marketing name in his last name. I am using "QualityPoint Technologies" in the name, is it an issue? But it is there from day one.

3.Why they should remove public profile while my connections are able to see my profile? Can I ask Google to de-index my LinkedIn profile from Search results? Will it affect my other search ranking?

4. If there is any Technical issue from LinkedIn side, why they are not sharing it?
And, if I violated any of their TOS unknowingly why can't they just share it with me so that I can correct it?

previously I had mentioned that Google is irresponsible in resolving any issues related to incorrect behaviour their web-robots. But any anyway they responded immediately for solving important issues such as bringing back our Gmail account from hackers.

Since I have used my LinkedIn profile in many places, my linkedIn profile is getting displayed in first page of Google search results when searching for "qualitypoint".

Now, the people clicking this profile link will see "Profile Not Found" message.

We can understand the Danger of using our LinkedIn profile in our blogs and websites.

So,think twice before showing your LinkedIn profile in your blogs and Websites.

If anyone faced similar issue you can share here thro' comments.

And, I am just thinking whether I need to extend our Social Bookmarking Site into a Complete Social Networking site. You can share your expectation about new features in the Social Networking Site.

Updates on May 17th 2010
Since I didn't get any update even after 4 days I had sent mail to But I got Out of Office auto-response. Again I sent the email to and which are specified in the auto response email.

But again I got Out-Of-Office Auto-response from with suggestion to contact and I sent email for them also. Let us see what will happen, and I will update here onnce I get any response.

Updates at 7:30 PM IST on May 17,2010

I got below response from one LinkedIn person.

Your message is in the queue for response and the team will get back to you soon. On a brief glance at your profile, I notice that you’ve put something other than your name in the designated fields on your account (ie you can’t put the name of your company there). There may be other issues as well. Again, a Customer Service Rep will be reviewing your account and will get back to you soon.

Thanks for your patience. It is an especially busy time for us.



And I had sent below reply to them and waiting for their response.


Thanks for your Reply.

Actually I am keeping the company name in my name for long time.

If the company name in Name field is the issue, I can correct this issue.
But for making this correction I should be able to login to the LinkedIn account.
Anyway, I will be waiting for the reply from your Customer Service Rep

But please note that already 4 days passed after seeing this issue.

I understand that I am using free version of LinkedIn, so there is no obligation for you to give back my account.

But what I am trying to say is, s

Last 4 days, my blog readers and site visitors are seeing "profile not found" error message when clicking my linkedIn profile link from our blog or from Google search. We are a start-up in growing phase. In this stage, these type of error messages will definitely reduce our reputation.

So, it is my responsibility to explain the reason for this issue to make sure that there is no issue from ourside. (Anyway I understand that they may be any LinkedIn TOS violation from ourside unknowingly and I am ready to correct it immediately)

That's why I am trying hard to get reply from LinkedIn Customer care. But I am very much frustrated with this much delay.

I am not sure whether everyone is facing this much delay. In this case you need to change the wordings in the below auto response.

LinkedIn has received your question. A service professional will review and respond to your inquiry as quickly as possible.

Instead of saying "as quickly as possible", if the auto-response specifies some specific time, I will not get this much frustration. I will be just convey this message to our blog readers and will patiently wait till the specific time.


I am just wondering how LinkedIn is verifying whether the name is company name or our name.

Updates at 9:30 PM IST on May 17,2010

First, LinkedIn Support Team partially lifted the restriction for allowing me to edit the Name field. Once after removing the company name from the Name field, the Support Team fully lifted the restriction. Now I am able to login into my LinkedIn Account and my LinkedIn public profile is getting loaded correctly.

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