Monday, May 24, 2010

Wish list for the QTP future release.

In linkedIn Discussion people were discussing about the additional functionality and improvements required in QTP.

I have mentioned below requirement in this discussion.

Allow QTP Script execution while minimizing it so that we need not have separate machine for test script execution.

Find below the requirements from others. Most of the people want to have the ability for opening multiple tests at a time.

  • Provide better support for Ajax

  • Provide better support for remote test execution from Quality Center

  • A way to inherit test/action resources.

  • Better browser support. Support for non-IE browsers such as Chrome and Safari

  • Need easy license management

  • A better coding/IDE environment with better intellisense, code folding, better debugging (ability to see object contents)..

  • Better version control. Being able to check out previous versions of a test.

  • Shared code libraries in QC. i-e ability to save in a common library share that all projects could use.

  • Use an object orientated scripting language instead of or in addition to VB script

  • Embed the object spy in the browser similar to firebug for firefox

  • Ability to replace object repository with other repositories such as MySql Database

  • Reduce the cost. Selenium is evolving and is eating up market share because its free

  • Scripts should be able to run on a locked computer.

  • Add ability to right click on web browser object to spy on it

  • Ability to open more than 1 script at a time

  • User should be able to attach encoded functional library (I.e. .vbe extension file).

  • Ability to "pause" a run in order to edit a script during execution of multiple iterations

  • Support for FLASH/FLEX Applications.

  • Expose runtime engine as an API so we can start using languages other than VBScript.

  • Simple and cleaner uninstall process

  • Improved support for distributed parallel scalable execution (cloud/VM) with reporting concatenation.

  • Enhanced function libraries especially database operations

  • More descriptive error messages rather than "Generic Error" message.

  • User should be allowed to Export selected portions of Reports

  • Ability to see the partial report when the script execution continues

Let me know thro' the comments if you have any other wish list. And if you want to learn Software Testing and QTP automation refer this blog post.

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Hery_(F4-Programmer) said...

i like it

Anonymous said...

So basically, Test Complete?

Anonymous said...

Enable creating script executables allowing to run tests on computers that don't have QTP installed

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