Sunday, May 9, 2010

Fixed issues in our Easy Learning Product and improved it further

I came to know that there were some small issues in our Easy Learning module.

i-e Things will mess-up, if we click the cards continuously before the mismatched cards go face down.

Today, I have corrected this issue by updating the code to ignore the user activities till the mismatched cards went face down.

Now, I hope it will work fine even when the users try to click the cards very fast.

And, previously some issues happened if the user clicks "Start Game" button immediately after selecting the topic. Now the issue was resolved by disabling the "Start Game" button till the Ajax call got completed.

Let me know if you still find any issue.

And, some people asked me to provide an option for sharing their score with friends.

So, I have provided an option to send the score details to email ids at the end of the game.

And, I know that some people may not want to share their score, but still want to refer this free program to their friends.

So, I put an checkbox to enable them to select whether they want to send the score or don't want to share the score.

i-e If the user checks this checkbox, the score will be send with the email, otherwise it won't send the score.

Currently it is having below topics, and we are working on to create more topics such as Synonyms, Antonyms, Inventor-Invention, Country-Capital, etc. You can suggest any other topic based on your imagination. But it should be unambiguous and should be interesting for many variety of people.

Software Testing
PHP Functions
Social Media

Before adding any new topic further I want to get some feedback from the users. For example, which one they like more, text version or image version?

So, you can share your experience thro' comments section. If you want to have similar products you can contact us for developing it for you.

Our price quoting will be cost effective and you need NOT pay the full amount as upfront payment.

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