Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Easy Learning - Match the Cards to improve your memory while learning your subject

We know the importance of memory or concentration in any task.

There are many different ways available to improve our memory.

One of the way is playing matching Games to get the pairs matched in minimum attempts.

There are lot of websites available to provide these types of memory matching games.

We wanted to integrate this memory matching game along with the learning process.

So, we released easy learning

You can select a topic to start matching and play the game, it will help to improve your memory while learning your subject/topic. (I am not sure whether this approach will really provide double benefit(i-e improving memory and learning your subject/topic.) If you know any more details you can share it thro' the comment section)

Currently we have added data for one topic only (Software Testing).
Reading this blog post about Software Testing Terms will help you to perform well in this easy learning.

And, we have planned to add more topics (e.g php, javascript and html ) in near future.

We have developed an admin module for adding any number of topics. And, we are planning to add some new features such as difficulty level (i-e allowing users to choose number of cards)

If you want to develop any similar products or any other products in php/mysql/javascript/ajax you can contact us.

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