Sunday, May 23, 2010

Easy Learning Competition - Winner will get eBook about Software Testing and QTP Automation

I have planned to conduct various Competitions for our blog/website readers.

The first competition is for Software Testing Professionals.

No need to pay any registration fees to participate in this competition.
Even you need not fill any registration form.

Just you can straight-away play our Easy Learning-Software Testing at any time beginning from Today till May 31st.

Once after completing your game you will see an option to send your scores to your friends. In "To email" add my email id and send your score in "Software Testing" to me.

The winner will be selected based on below criteria.

- I will select the Winner based on the scores I received till end of May 31st. The person with highest score will be selected as the Winner.

-If many people get same score as highest score I will select one who completes in less time among them.

-The winner will get my eBook about Software Testing and QTP automation as prize. And, the details of the Winner will be published in our Blog.

Please send your score to me one time only. If I get the score email from particular email id more than once, I will take only the least score from the multiple scores.
So, don't send more than one score email to me. Anyway you can practice it any number of times.

I will consider only the scores coming to my email thro' email option built-in with our Easy Learning to include only the Genuine Scores in the Competition.

Anyway, you can send email to me if you want to convey any other additional details apart from the details available in the built-in email message in Easy learning.

Updates on May 25

As of Today, 5 is the highest score. Let us see whether anyone can get more than this score.

Updates on May 30
As of now the highest score is 6.

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