Saturday, May 29, 2010

Easy Learning Updates - Cache feature, Bulk upload and New Topics

We have done some improvements in our Easy Learning project.

Find below some of them.

-Added Cache feature so that the images can be loaded immediately while playing the Games having images. (e.g Social Media). Since this enhancement lifted the restriction for using images, I am planning to introduce more topics with images (e.g Country name and Country flag).

- Added "Bulk upload" facility for the Admin module. It will help the Admin to load data for the new topics easily just by uploading a CSV file. It will save time for adding data. Since this feature helps to add lot of data easily, we will be releasing more topics with more data soon.

-Added some new topcis. As of now, we are having below topics.

Software Testing
PHP Functions
Social Media
Country - Capital
English - Antonyms
Inventor- Inventions
English- Synonyms
Kids -Additions
Kids - Subtractions
Kids - Multiplications

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