Saturday, May 29, 2010

Stock-Based News Reader - Introductory Offer

Currently we are selling our eBook about Software Testing & QTP Automation and Time Sheet.

And, working on to release many useful tools.

Recently we have developed "Stock-Based News Reader".

You can see the details about this tool here.

This tool will help you to read financial related News. We can control the display of news by giving inputs in a control file.

For example, if you want to read the latest updates about citigroup and Goldman Sachs, we can just specify the stock symbols C and GS in the control file.

This tool will read the stock symbols from the control file and display the news related to those stocks by getting the news from yahoo finance site.

You will be having options to select only the required News article and you can open all the specified articles in separate FireFox Tab and/or Window just by doing single click.

And, whenever you click "Refresh" button you can see the newly arrived news in different color. And the already opened News articles names will be displayed in some other color.

As an introductory Offer I am providing this Tool as free download for limited time.

You can download the executable for this tool from here.

I am providing this free download only for very limited time. And let me know if you find any issues in using this tool.

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And, contact me ( if you want to get the source code (VC++).

We are developing custom Software and Web applications based on the customers requirements.

Read the benefits of outsourcing your projects.

And, we are working on to convert this tool into web application using php.

Once after making this conversion, we will be providing more features to this tool.
You can give suggestions for the new features.

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