Saturday, May 8, 2010

FireFox Add-on for easily identifying NoFollow links

We can download "NoDoFollow" from the Moizilla site at

This add-on will be very useful to identify the "NoFollow" links (i-e anchor tags with rel=nofollow attribute) easily.

Once after installing this add-on, we can see a menu "NoDoFollow" in the FireFox browser Tools Menu.

If we click the "NoDoFollow" link, all the links with no follow attribute will be displayed in different color for identifying them easily.

This Tool will be very useful for doing SEO marketing. Because adding our links with nofollow attribute won't give any benefit to get inbound links.

So, you can ignore nofollow links when doing linkExchange.

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1 comment:

Arvind said...

Thank you for this add in information.

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