Thursday, May 6, 2010

Opportunity to Advertise in our Blogs and Web Sites

Currently I am showing Google AdSense Advertisement in this blog and in our other websites.

Our blogs/sites are getting significant number of visitors and some pages are having Google page rank 3.

So, I am planning to get advertisements directly from the advertisers. Contact if you are interested in showing your Advertisements here.

- Alexa rank for this blog ( is around 88K, and home page is having Google page rank PR3 and many other pages are having PR2 and PR3.

-Our Social bookmarking News site is getting Alexa rank around 81K . Actually we launched this site around 2 months back only. Because of our unique approach for gathering and tweeting latest news automatically from our site, Alexa rank is getting improved rapidly. Based on this fact I can say that we will get important place in list of social bookmarking sites very soon.

-Apart from this we are having below blogs/site also.

I am totally new to this approach for getting direct advertisements.

So, I have asked below questions in DigitalPoint Forum.

Currently I am using AdSense ads in my blog and website.

And, now these sites started getting good Alexa ranking (in the range of 80K-90K). And the blog got PageRank 3.

So, now I am planning to get some advertisement directly from the advertisers.

But I am totally new to this.

I am having below questions.

-How to set the price? What is the appropriate price for my blog and site?

-Whether I need to set price of monthly or yearly?

-Whether I need to show the same advertisement in same place all time? Will it be boring to the regular visitor? And, how to set price and explain to advertiser if I am going to rotate/time sharing his advertisement?

-Whether I can accept any advertisement which is not related to my blog & site?

-And how can I track impressions and clicks if the advertiser is preferring ppc. Anyway, I don't want to waste my time in tracking clicks. If I am avoiding ppc offers, will it reduce the price competition?

- If anyone is willing to pay more for not putting "rel=nofollow", can I accept his offer? Will it affect my search ranking? (Anyway currently I am planning to enforce "rel=nofollow").

If you are expert in SEO and online advertisements you can answer for my questions thro' the comment section.

And, if you are interested to show your advertisements in our blogs/sites you can contact us with your quotes/proposals.

If you are going to advertise anything related to Software Testing and Web development , this blog will be the right place. For general advertisements you can choose our social bookmarking site and other blogs.

Or, you can choose to show your advertisements in all our blogs/sites with time sharing/ad rotation. Currently we are showing our own advertisement in this way.

If you are not interested in advertising and still need more traffic to your web site or blog you can go for Link Exchange.

Update on June 04

Just I am giving below my estimation of the price.
Anyway I am open for the suggestion and negotiation from the Advertiser.

For the blog,
currently, I am planning to sell one 125x125 slot for 18$ per month at top of the blog and for 12$ at bottom of the blog.
It will be displayed in all posts (currently 371 posts). Most of the posts are getting good organic traffic

Please let me know whether you are planning to pay per month or per year.

If you are choosing Yearly plan I can give some discount.
i-e 18*12=190 (instead of 216)and 12*12=120(instead of 144)
I will be increasing the price every month as our blog traffic is increasing continuously.
So, if you are choosing yearly plan increase in price will not affect you.

If you want to show ads in the social news site (,
Home page - - 10$/month
Links page- - 12$/month
News page - (e.g - 15$/month

eBook selling page ( - 18$/month. (We are doing lot of advertisement for this page)

And, I am showing 468px × 60px and 160px × 600px ads (they will be rotating) in many of the places (around 4 blogs, social news site, and forum)
I can quote price as 150$/month for both of them together. Currently I am using this slot only for showing our own ad. So, I will accept your ad only after reviewing your ads and landing page thoroughly, as it will be rotating with our own ads.

And, you should be able to pay using paypal.

Feel free to contact me if you need any details.

Update on April 2011
I have rearranged the ad placements. Now there is no place for doing direct advertisements. So, you use Adsense/adword for advertising in our blog/site. You can refer the Google Adplanner Reports. 

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