Sunday, May 23, 2010

Steps for adding Google Analytics and Google AdSense for phpBB3 Forum

Today I added Google Analytics Code and Google AdSense in our Forum.

Find below the steps I followed to do this.

-Login as Admin in the Forum.
-Go to ACP (Administration Control Panel).
-Go to Styles->Templates.
-Select your Template (e.g SubSilver2).
-Select overall_footer.html.
-Paste the Google Analytics code just before "</body>" tag.

The above steps will add the Google Analytics for your Forum. You may need to clear the Forum Cache if the Google analytics didn't find the tracking code from the Forum.

Similarly, we can add the Google AdSense code in the required places. For example, I have added the adSense code in overall_header.html, overall_footer.html, viewtopic_body.html and posting_body.html files.

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Mark Robin said...

great post about google analytics and google AdSense. i really appreciate this.

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