Sunday, November 21, 2010

Add-Ins in QTP

In my previous post I had said that QTP supports various applications. But it won't support all the applications by default. We need to load the corresponding add-in.

For example, if you are going to use QTP for a java application  you need to load java add-in.

This add-in concept will help QTP to support wide-range of applications without compromising the performance. And, it will improve object identification reliability.

Find below the Add-in list supported by QTP. If you know any other add-in available for QTP, you can mention it in the comments section.

In previous versions of QTP,  only few below mentioned add-ins will be available as default support.

Default Support
  1. Standard Windows applications (invisible in the add-in manager)
  2. Web objects / Applications
  3. ActiveX controls
  4. Visual Basic applications
In the previous versions, below add-ins should be loaded separately. 

  Additional QuickTest add-ins Support
  1. Java
  2. Oracle
  3. SAP
  4. .NET
  5. Web Forms
  6. Siebel
  7. PeopleSoft
  8. Web services
  9 Main frame (Terminal Emulator)

You can select the required Add-ins while starting the QTP.

The below add-in manager screen will  appear when opening QTP. In the screen you can select the required add-ins using the check-box.

If you don't want to see this add-in Manager again, you can uncheck the "Show on Startup" checkbox.

You won't see this add-in Manager if you have unchecked "Show on Startup" checkbox.

To make it appear again, you need to check the "Display Add-in Manager on Startup" checkbox in the Options Dialog (Tools->Options).

Object Identification window (Tools->Object Identification...) will allow to handle properties of Test Object classes available in each loaded add-ins.

Whenever we open an existing Test,  we should load all the  add-ins used in that particular Test. Otherwise the below message will be shown.
"The following add-ins were associated with your test but are not currently loaded."

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