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Some thoughts on QTP Interview

Previously I had written about Outsourcing.

This post will be useful if you are in a position to start any Software Testing automation project.

In this post I am going to write about selecting appropriate candidate for your Team if you are going to Automate your testing activities using a tool QTP (Quick Test Professional)

First, we can start with shortlisting resumes of suitable candidates.

Basically QTP is just a Tool. Your Team members can be trained in this Tool easily if they meet some prerequisites (e.g knowledge about Software Testing Concepts and programming fundamental knowledge).

So, it is not necessary to short list the candidates with prior work experience with QTP unless you want a Team member who needs to start work on QTP script creation from day one of joining your Team.

But, give priority to the knowledge and/or work experience in any kind of Software Testing.

i-e Having hands-on with manual testing is a big plus for the Automation tester.

And, you can choose the profiles with knowledge/experience in some other automation test tool also. It will help them learn QTP quickly.

Candidates with vbscript knowledge/experience can learn QTP fast.

Vbscript is used in ASP (Active server pages). So, you can consider ASP developers also for your QTP automation Team.

If you are going to create your Automation Team from scratch, at least you should have one resource (Assume "Team Lead")with good experience in QTP. His experience should include creating appropriate automation framework and should be expert in handling any object recognition issues.

If you are not having such a person to handle any object recognition related issue, it will be difficult to complete the project even if you have good team members to create scripts.

Now, we can discuss about selecting your "Team Lead" and other members.

First we will start with doing interview for your "Team Lead" position in the QTP automation project. (I mean to say the project which involves automating the functional and regression testing activities using the QTP tool)

  • Ask the candidate about handling Object repository.

  • Ask him to explain any QTP object recognition related challenges he faced during his previous projects. And, ask him to explain how he had solved those issues.
    (Anyone who worked in any QTP automation project should have faced such an issue)

  • Ask the candidate to explain about his understanding about Automation Framework.

  • Ask him how he will deliver the QTP script to production environment from the development environment. In other words, try to get details about his understanding about AOM (Automation Object Model).

  • Ask him to explain about his understanding about COM objects and ask him whether he has handled any COM based application ( e.g xcel, internet explorer, fso,etc) from QTP script.

  • Ask him about his approach to split any task to be given to the Team members. His answers should reflect his understanding about proper use of Shared object repository.

  • Ask few questions which can help to reveal his understanding and approach of Configuration management in QTP script development environment.

  • You may ask few questions which can test his thinking about script maintenance.

  • Apart from QTP knowledge, you can ask some questions for knowing about his basic knowledge in other test automation tools. It will be required for tool evaluation to start any new project. And, it will be useful when doing any migration project.

    For example, having some basic knowledge in winrunner will be helpful if you are going to convert winrunner scripts into QTP scripts.

  • Ask him to explain about integrating the QC (Quality Center) with QTP.

  • Test his knowledge about Database connection with QTP. At least he should be familiar with ADODB, connection string and recordsets. And, he should be familiar with basic SQL queries also.

In case of interviewing Team member, just check his knowledge in Software Testing concepts and knowledge in any programming knowledge. You can ask him about SDLC.

Ask him to explain about various checkpoints, data driven testing, expert view/keyword view, regular expression and recovery scenario in case he had learnt QTP previously.

Find below the collection of common interview questions related to QTP.

It will be useful for the people who are searching job as Automation test engineer.

  • Explain about Object Repository in QTP?
    Object Repository is the centralized place for storing the Properties of objects available in AUT (Application Under Test). Click here for the detailed Answer.

  • What are the two different Types of Object Repositories available in QTP?
    Local Object Repository and Shared Object Repository. More details...

  • What Descriptive Programming and what are the advantages of using Descriptive programming in QTP?
    Instead of using Object Repository for storing properties of Test objects, we can straight-away define the properties while writing the script itself using DP. Using Descriptive programming we can start work on writing QTP scripts even before the application under Test is NOT available. More details...

  • What are the disadvantages of Descriptive Programming in QTP?

    The main disadvantage of Descriptive programming is Maintenance issue. More details...

  • What is framework in QTP?
    Framework is nothing but a way or approach of designing the automation scripts. QTP uses various frameworks such as Key Word Driven Testing and Data-driven Testing.
    More details...

  • How will you get evaluation version of QTP?

    We can get 14 days trial version of QTP from HP site. More details...

  • What are the various settings/options available in QTP? And, explain the purpose/scope of them?

    Some setting in QTP are specific to Tests and some setting are specific to the IDE. More Details...

  • How will you set the QTP script to start run at specified time?
    We can use AOM (Automation Object Model) for creating the vbscript which can be put in windows scheduler for running the QTP script at specified time. More details...

  • Tell the difference between Action Iteration and Test Iteration in QTP?

    Action iterations will be nested within the Test iteration. Action iteration will use the data from local data sheet and the Test Iteration will use the data from Global sheet of the data table. More details...

  • How will you automate the testing of .NET application which uses thrid-party UI component such as Infragistic netAdvantage?

    We should extend capability of .net add-in by using TestAdvantage More details...

  • How to handle Passwords in QTP Scripts?
    We can encrypt the password using password encoder utility provided by QTP. SetSecure method can handle this encodeded password. More details...

  • What are the steps/processes involved in QTP automation?
    Creating scripts, enhancing scripts, debugging, run script, analyze the results and report the defects. More details...

  • List some best practices need to be followed while doing QTP automation?
    We need to use Shared Object repositories and need to use synchronization point wherever it is required. More details...

  • What is Object Spy in QTP? And, how to use it?

    Object Spy is used for seeing properties and methods of any object in an open application. We can see the properties just by pointing the mouse pointer on the object once after clicking the hand symbol button in the Object Spy Dialog. More details...

  • How to use Object Spy if the required object is not visible (i-e window of the the object is not active)?

    Maximize the window or bring it into the top active window while holding Ctl key after clicking the hand symbol button pointer in the Object Spy dialog box. Once the object is visible, release the Ctl key to use the object spy functionality.

  • How will you read the Test Object property using scripting?
    We can use the "GetTOProperty" method.

  • What is the use of GetTOProperties method?

    This method will be used for getting all the properties and their values of a Test Object.

  • Which QTP method can be used to get the value of an object property during runtime?

  • Will SetTOProperty method make any change in the Object Repository?
    No, it won't make any change in the Object Repository. It will just affect the way QTP identifies the object during runtime.

  • Is it possible to read all the RO properties of a Object?

    QTP is not having any built-in method for reading all the RP properties of an Object. But we can write simple script for reading all the properties from windows registry and then get the value of each property using the GetROproperty method. More details...

  • Why we need to automate the software testing using the tools such as QTP?
    Automation will avoid human related errors and it can improve the test execution speed also.More details...

  • Is it possible to automate all the test cases?
    No, it is not possible to automate all the test cases. We need to pick the test cases that can be automated.

  • Tell me about your understanding about QTP?
    QTP is a functional and regression test automation tool. It uses vbscript. It can be easily integrated with Quality Center as both are HP products. It supports data driven testing and keyword driven testing. The add-in concept supports various applications such as web, vb, activex, java, TE, and dotNet. More details...

  • Explain QTP Testing process?
    QTP Testing involves Creating your test plan, Recording a session on your application ,Enhancing your test,Debugging your test ,Running your test on a new version of your application,Analyzing the test results and Reporting defects. Read more details...
I am planning to add more questions soon. And, I will publish lot of questions for Software Testing also. If you are interested to read them you can book mark this post.

And, I am working on improving my eBook about software testing and QTP automation. And, planning to create lot of QTP tutorial videos. As part of this plan, I am going to arrange one or two online QTP training sessions.

If you are interested to use this opportunity you can register here. (i-e I may not arrange any other QTP training sessions once I complete the video tutorial preparation and eBook enhancement)

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