Friday, November 19, 2010

Mashup Partnership between MySpace and Facebook.

Leading  Social Networking sites MySpace and Facebook have declared mashup parternship between them.

This mashup deal allows MySpace users to log into Facebook via their Myspace account.

Facebook users will now be able to push all their Facebook status updates to MySpace. So your Facebook stream will appear on your MySpace profile.

MySpace will allow its users to import their Facebook profile details.

MySpace will soon be implementing the Facebook "Like" button across the site so users can share their entertainment interests with friends on Facebook.

Facebook VP of partnerships and platform marketing Dan Rose says, “Sharing entertainment and music interests is part of many of our friendships, online and off. Myspace is giving people an easy way to bring their favorite bands, celebrities and movies from Facebook to create a personalised experience on Myspace from the start.”

 Myspace CEO Mike Jones says, "We feel this is a complementary service to Facebook .This new feature is a great illustration of our strategy around social entertainment and enabling the real-time stream."

Myspace currently has around 130 Million users globally while Facebook has more than 500 Million users.

Facebook is growing fast while MySpace is going down. Anyway MySpace had recently made some changes to regain its popularity.

Techrunch criticizes this deal as complete surrender of MySpace to the Facebook.

Find below the current Trends of both sites. It clearly shows the fall of mySpace. Let us see whether this Trend is going change by this deal.

I couldn't understand why there is a sudden traffic increase for at end of the year 2009. If you know the reason, you can share it thro' the comments.

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