Friday, November 12, 2010

Some Thoughts on Automation...

Till yesterday, we used to send our updates manually to many of our twitter accounts. It used to take significant time and effort.

Today we have automated it by creating a simple Twitter application. This application is having an option to store the tweets and associate with them with required twitter accounts.

And, the OAuth details of the twitter accounts will be stored in a table.

A crob job calls a script at specified interval to send the randomly select tweets to various twitter accounts. Random tweets will be selected based on their association with the twitter accounts.

We have integrated the url shortening feature within this simple application.

This simple application helps us to plan our product promotion efforts effectively.

If you want to have similar twitter application you can contact me. We can deliver it cost effectively.

And, we are using one more simple Twitter application for tweeting the updates to multiple Twitter accounts easily by single click.

I was surprised to see how this simple application helps me to save significant amount of time.

After seeing the benefits of this simple automation, I started thinking more about doing further automation in every possible ways.

Since personally I had worked in many QTP automation projects I know the benefits of doing automation testing.

Today I realized the benefits of automating simple daily tasks.

Basically we are having good experience in using Php cURL which can be used for automating lot of web based tasks.

We had done many projects involving complex cURL coding. We had done a challenging project which involves automatically posting the Resume to more than 70 US based job sites. (Similar to

Our Team had done an excellent job of managing all the difficulties involved in this challenging project.

The challenges include handling captcha in job sites, managing various format list data in each site using mapping tables, email forwarding to prevent spams and reporting the progress of resume posting.

Apart from these challenging task, we have done status wise reporting and payment module integration with paypal pro API and express checkout.

If you want to develop any similar website you can contact me.

Apart from this challenging project, we had many automation projects such as auto posting of inbound links to social bookmarking sites, auto posting links to various search engines and few SEO related tools.

Apart from php cURL, we had used webharvest and c# webbrowser control also in some projects for doing automation.

I am having lot of plans for doing further automation. You can subsribe to our blog to get the further updates.

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