Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Freelancers can use our online Time Sheet to increase their earnings

I am going to explain how Freelancers can use our  online Timesheet for increasing their earnings.

 As mentioned in my previous post, freelancers should be very careful about managing their time spending on their task.

Most of the freelance projects will be paid based on completing the task irrespective of the time/effort spent on doing the project.

According to great people, Time is Money.

If you utilize your time effectively your earnings will be increased automatically.

In other words, you should manage  your time effectively to increase your earnings.

Our Time Sheet will help you to manage your time effectively.

Actually our Time Sheet is  best suitable for small to medium-sized companies. But, still it can be used for individuals also.

You can use our timesheet irrespective of whether you are doing programming task, article writing or online marketing.

First, let me explain how a timesheet can help to increase the earnings.

Assume that you are doing three different projects. One among these three projects will be giving more income for you. You may not be aware this fact until using any time tracking software.

You can not increase your time for increasing your income. So, the only available way is, choosing the appropriate project which pays more for a specific time period.

If you enter your time spent on each project daily in the timesheet, you can easily measure the performance of each project.

And therefore you can easily select the best paying project. Instead of doing low paying project, you can concentrate more on the high paying project.

It may be very simple truth. But, we will not implement it normally. So, the timesheet helps to implement it.

 You need not spend more time for using the time sheet. It is very easy  to use our time sheet.

If you are the only person who is going to use our timesheet, you can use the Admin login itself for tracking your time details.You need not create any Employee login.

Anyway, if you have any other person works with you, you can create an Employee login for them. You can create any number of Employees by yourself without waiting for our approval.

Create the projects corresponding your task in the time sheet. Daily enter the details about time spent on each task daily.
Do your best to enter accurate data. You can use "Non-projects" also to track time spent on power-cut and internet outtage.

From the Report page, you can easily identify the best paying project. You can can focus your concentration on this best paying project.

If you start using this kind of tool, you will understand how the inefficient freelance sites wastes your time.

So, you can take proper decision (e.g just ignoring inefficient works) for saving your time, i-e to increase your revenue.

Without using this timesheet you will tend to spend a lot of time for the inefficient work which ultimately will reduce your earnings.

So, you can start using the timesheet today if you are interested to increase your earnings.

And, note that just start using time sheet is not enough. You need to enter you time spent details properly and you need to analyze the report frequently.

Buy our timesheet with sourcecode for affordable price from here.

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