Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Google Voice finally comes into iPhone officially

Google has announced that native Google Voice application will be officially available for iPhone.

This native app. will give access to almost all major Google Voice features.

Google blog says that users would have access to free text messages on their Google Voice phone number, and to voice mails that can be transcribed and e-mailed. They will also have the ability to display Google Voice number as caller ID when making calls.

Unlike the Android version, Google Voice cannot totally take over the calling capabilities on the iPhone. You have to open the app instead of your regular iPhone Phone app to use it. But you can make calls right from the app.

Unlike the HTML5 version, the native app can access your phone’s contact list. This make it easy to place calls and set up Quick Dial Contacts.

It is approved almost after one and half years.

Note that previously apple had rejected the Google Voice for the iPhone and FCC had inquired about this issue.

We can download this Google Voice app. from here.

And, you need to have iOS 3.1 or later and a valid Google Voice account for using this iPhone Application.

Currently Google Voice is available in US only.

The reason for this Apple's decision to approve Google Voice is not Clear now.
It may be the pressure from FCC or Apple is in a situation to approve every apps. to manage the tough competition from Blackberry, Windows phone 7 and Android.

In any case the iPhone users and Google Voice users are happy about Google And Apple are becoming “Friends” Again.

Now, you can take this poll. You need not to wait for one and half years, you can take this poll now itself -:)

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