Friday, November 19, 2010

Released Version 3.1 of our Time Sheet.

We have released Version 3.1 of our Time Sheet.

This version adds features such as allowing the Admin to enter Estimated budget and Estimated hours for the projects. And the admin can enter different hourly rate of each employee.

And the report will include the Total budget in addition to the total hours.

 you can see below the list of key features introduced in this release "QualityPoint Time Sheet 3.1".

  • Added Feature to compare the Actual budget and the Esmiated budget. And the difference between  Actual time and the Estimated time can also be seen at any time.
  • Option to toggle between Decimal Mode and Minutes Mode.
  • New fields for getting starttime and End time in the Daily Report Entry Screen.
  • Dispaly of Employees and project details on MouseOver in the Report page.
  • New fields in Myprofile page
  • Change password Option
  • Regulated Backup feature
  • Implemented Autocomplete to easily select required project or employee in the report page.

If you are interested to buy this time sheet you can refer this page.

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