Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Special Offer for our Time Sheet Sales. - This Offer will end On December 3rd.

I am happy to announce a Special Offer  for our Time Sheet Sales.

Find below the details about this Offer.

- This is a Special Offer available only for 3 days. It will end on December 3rd. 

- As part of this Offer, the time Sheet buyer will get an Offer for freely developing a 4-6 page website with custom Wordpress theme. And, we will be installing all important plug-ins (SEO, Site Map Generator, spam filter, adSense, etc) to make it an useful website.

- In addition to this Offer, they can get any one of our other products free. They can choose this addtional products from our products page. (ArtsPoint script will NOT be included).

This Special Offer will be available in addition to our existing Offer "No User based license and No Yearly renewal fee"

And, we are working on to develop an excellent Twitter application which will be useful for getting good traffic. Currently we are testing it for our own blog/site. And, I have noticed significant increase in the traffic (i-e Money). You can check the Alexa  rank for our sites and blogs.

I will be giving more details about this tool soon. If you are interested to know about it, you can subscribe to our blog. (This tool is having two features. I am planning to keep one feature free for our forum members)

Click here to make use of this Special Offer

Visit our web site to know more about us.

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