Friday, November 26, 2010

Some thoughts on Christmas Holidays.

Christmas Holidays are being celebrated throughout the world every year.

Normally, the holidays season begins with Thanksgiving and ends after New Year's Day.

As Christmas is celebrated with Gifts, this holiday season is famous for doing shopping.

Search volume for the keyword "christmas" goes very high during this holiday . You can refer below Google Trends  for the phrase "Christmas".

From the graph, we can understand that the people are coming out of recession. And, recent studies are predicting significant increase in online sales this year.

We can make use of this heavy Search and Shopping season to earn money by doing affiliate marketing (e.g Amazon affiliate program)

As the search volume is very high  for the Christmas related terms during this holiday season , we can run PPC programs (e.g Google AdWord) inexpensively if we are having Christmas related keyword rich web sites or blogs.

So, we are planning to add more content to our Christmas blog and planning to improve our twitter account @XmasPoint

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