Monday, November 15, 2010

Will Facebook's New Messaging System be a Gmail-killer?

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg had announced about Facebook's New Messaging System.

He says that "email" is not suitable for young generation which prefer to use IM and SMS than email.

So, the Facebook's new messaging system will concentrate more on the IM and SMS than the email feature.
It’s not a Gmail killer, says Zuckerberg.

Find below the key Features of this new messaging system.

Facebook Email - Facebook users will be given new email address ( Mostly it will be done within the next two months. The address is entirely optional for users who wish to sign up.

Seamless Messaging – Users can send and respond to messages using different platforms, e.g. SMS text message, Instant Message/Chat (IM), and via the new Facebook email address.

All of this occurs within the existing messaging center on a user’s page.

Conversation History

The new messaging system hyperthreads all of the correspondence between two parties – whether it be a user and another single user, or a user and an entire group of others. The idea is to have one history, not multiple.

Social Inbox- Facebook will separate a user’s inbox into below three separate categories.

Messages-include those messages that are most important to you. i-e Messages send from your friends. It seems Facebook won't parse the content to find the importance. Just it will check whether it is from your friend or not.
Others-Messges which are less important. i-e Messages sent from people other than your friends.
Junk- and the rest i-e traditional junk mails.

Find below the key facts about the Facebook messages.

  • There are 350 million people actively using the messaging system on Facebook today.

  • More than 4 Billion messages are sent through the Facebook messaging system each day.

  • The vast majority of these messages are one-to-one messages between users.

  • 15 Facebook Engineers are working on this Messaging project. It is the biggest Team in Facebook.

  • The team is working on this project for more than a year.

  • The growth of Facebook’s messaging service is “growing at a much faster rate” than Facebook’s user base.

You can read more details from Facebook's official post about his new feature.

You can see the demo video here

Personally I think nothing can kill the Gmail which a powerful application continuously enhanced by Google. You can share your thoughts thro' the comments.

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