Thursday, October 28, 2010

China has built World's fastest Super Computer "Tianhe-1A"

A Chinese scientific research center has built the fastest supercomputer.

This Chinese Super Computer is named as Tianhe-1A

It has 1.4 times the horsepower of the current top computer "Cray Jaguar", which is at a national laboratory in Tennessee, US. And, it is 30% faster than US super computer.

The speed of a supercomputer is measured in "FLOPS" (FLoating Point Operations Per Second). This Chinese Supercomputer speed is 2.507 petaflops. Peta denotes 1015 or 1 000 000 000 000 000.

Tianhe-1A links thousands upon thousands of chips made by the American companies Intel and Nvidia.

This computer has over 7,168 M2050 graphics cards from Nvidia at a cost of $2,500 each, and 14,336 processors from Intel.

The Chinese Government has spent lot of money to make this Super Computer as having fastest Super Computer is considered as National pride. China considers this as one of the steps for becoming Technological Superpower in the world.

Let us see whether Obama's encouragement brings any US Super Computer which acts faster than Chinese Supercomputer.

Anyway, Information cannot move faster than the speed of light between two parts of a supercomputer. And, lot of IO related constraints are also there. Let us see how the next Super Computer evolves.

Officials from the Chinese research center, the National University of Defense Technology, are expected to reveal the computer’s performance on Thursday at a conference in Beijing.

At this computing conference, the researchers will discuss about using this super computer for scientific research in fields like astrophysics and bio-molecular modeling.

Super Computers are valued for their ability to solve problems critical to national interests in areas like defense, energy, finance and science.

Wall Street traders use Super Comptuters for superquick automated trades.

Find below the fastest computers since 1993

India has unveiled the Super Computer "Annapurna" few months back. India has lot of other Super Computers such as PARAM and Kabru.

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