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One more reason for avoiding use of

In my previous post I have explained the top 5 reasons for avoiding use of

Today vWorker Arbitrator has given one more reason for not using

vWorker Arbitrator has sent me a message today saying that they will terminate my account if I ask the buyer to make the payment to my paypal account directly. In normal situation this message may be valid. But as I mentioned in my previous post about the arbitrator of another project has confirmed closing of my account. So if the Buyer is not allowed to make the payment directly to my paypal account, there is no other way for the Buyer to receive the completed project.

In other words, is not allowing the Buyer to receive his completed project.

So, it is clear that vWorker is not useful for Buyers also.

But the polldaddy poll in my previous post is getting many votes favoring to

I am very eager to know why they are casting their vote favoring the site. So, if you are the one who voted for vworker you can share your thoughts thro' the comments. And remember to mention your vworker profile url. It will help me to judge whether your comments are valid.

And, I send below message to the and waiting for their response. I will update the post once after getting their response.

I came to know that few other Vworker Buyers who won the previous arbitrations are also still keeping/using our script in their servers.

So, our legal team is taking necessary steps to sue them. And, I would like to know whether we need to include vWorker also. Already our Team is preparing detailed report about vWorker for reporting with Google. I will assign this new task also to them

So, send me the below details.

1. What are the steps vWorker has taken to remove our code from the server of Buyers who won Vworker arbitration?

2. Shall I consider the Buyers of vWorker as clients of vWorker?

3. Who is responsible for the legal issues? Currently I am assuming that it is Ian Ippolito. Let me know if my assumption is wrong.

4. Is vWorker subject to International Labour laws? Our legal team is calculating an amount you owe to pay for our work in all your cheating arbitrations. I may send you the invoice/bill in few days. And, we are doing detailed study about all the Coders who were cheated by you. If possible, our Team can work for them also.

5. Send the details about your authority to give copyright for software code.

6. And your bidding system is violating the copyright of many other freelancing sites. When will you prove that you own copyright for your site? I can discuss anything about copyright only after you prove me that you own copyrights for your site.

Updates on October 26

Instead of sending reply for my above questions, the vWorker arbitrator had sent the reply message "Rajamanickman, if you are not going to continue working, then you are asking to cancel the project and break your contract"

This reply message once again confirmed that my previous post about is valid till date. It seems doesn't want to correct their problems.

So, I have given below reply for them.

I am taking this issue very seriously, as I don't want to see any other coder getting affected by As a win-win approach I am also getting benefit as my blog is getting some traffic from search phrases such as "vworker review", "vworker scam" and " scam"

If you are not able to understand the mistakes you were doing, just think below summary.

- We have completed our task in our test server and the Buyer tested it and didn't report any issue once after making the final changes in our test server. So, I decide that the task is completed.

- The script is not working in the Buyers script. The reason is obvious. The server set-up in his server may be different. I can not spend lot of time in doing trial and error troubleshooting to solve his server error. Either he should accept the project based on our Test server testing, or he should provide his server access. As a arbitrator can ask him take any of these two decision. But as usual according to vWorker poor arbitration standards, you are taking this arbitration in entirely different (obviously useless) direction.

- My account is going to be closed and you are saying that you can hold back the payment. Then how can I believe I will get payment if I properly respond your arbitration.

I will update the progress in this blog. If you don't want to miss the updates you can subscribe to our blog.

And, you can read the vWorker review.

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