Saturday, October 23, 2010

Quotes for You

Many great leaders and scientists were given lot of Motivational Quotes.

We are trying to collect them and publish in this "Quotes for you" knol.

It will be interesting and inspiring to read the Motivational Quotes daily.

You can share the quotes with your friends also.

We have already released widgets for displaying Christmas quotes and New year quotes.

You can freely use them in your website or blog.

And, we will be releasing widget for showing Motivational quotes also. I am in the process of collecting requirements for our new Motivational quotes widget. You can add your comments if you have any specific requirements and/or suggestions.

And, I have planned to automatically tweet the quotes to a twitter account also. I will publish another blog post to mention the details about the twitter account and the widget details. You can freely subscribe to get the updates in your Inbox.

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