Saturday, October 16, 2010

The reward for getting place in Top Scorer list

In my previous post I have explained about the enhancements in "Top Scorers" feature of our Easy Learning Script.

In this post I would like to explain the benefit you will be getting by getting place in this Top Scorer list.

Our updated script allows you to mention a URL/link of your profile page or blog or website.

The users will be taken to your URL when clicking the link provided in your name in the Top Scorer list.

And, note that you should specify the URL of some good page, otherwise we may remove it.

I am planning to promote our Easy learning script rigorously. So, lot of users will be visiting the Easy Learning page in near future. So, displaying your link to them will help you to get more visitors to your page.

You can play lot of different games to get place in the top scorer list. It will improve your memory also.

You can try it here.

If you want to have this Easy learning game in your site, you can buy the script for reasonable price.

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