Sunday, October 10, 2010

Future of Internet Explorer (IE) whose market share dips below 50%?

The above image is spreading virally in Internet. The reason is obvious. People especially developers are NOT liking IE (Internet Explorer). But somehow most of the people are using IE (Internet Explorer) comparing to other browsers such as Mozilla FireFox, Apple Safari and Google Chrome.

The main reason is Microsoft has provided IE freely with Windows. So, everyone using Windows starts using IE by default.

You can see the discussion about IE here.

Find below another image going viral with the question "Can Google Chrome or Firefox do THIS?

According to recent market statistics the total market share of IE has finally dipped below 50%. But it still remains the most widely used browser.

IE went down to 49.87% this September, down from 51.34% in August 2010.

Firefox and Google Chrome have seen growth in the same time period with Firefox claiming a 31.5% market share (0.5% growth) while Chrome stands at 11.54% market share (1% growth)

It seems IE9 is getting some good review comments. But I am not sure whether it will help Microsoft go get the previous position. Because, it seems IE9 won't work in Windows XP which is still used by many people.

You may cast your vote in this poll about IE.

Share your thoughts about the future of Internet Explorer which forcefully shut down Netscape navigator a decade ago.

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