Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Top 5 reasons for joining our affiliate program now

Few months back I have announced about launching our own affiliate program.

As of now, I didn't see good response for our Affiliate program.

So, it seems I haven't communicated the advantages of our affiliate program.

In this post I will be listing the benefits of joining our affiliate program.

Find below the Top 5 reasons for joining our affiliate program now.

  1. Our affiliate program is for marketing our own products that too digital products only. So, it will not be a big deal for us to pay good affiliate commission/fee. If you join immediately, you will get the chance to use the 90% commission option also.

  2. Minimum payout is $10 USD only. So there won't be any big loss for you even if you don't want to continue our affiliate program for any reason.

  3. Joining our Affiliate program is easy. It is free. There is no membership fees.

  4. Your referral is valid for 90 days. And,you will get commission even when your referral buy the product which is not referred by you. For example, assume that you are showing a banner or text link with your affiliate link for our "Timesheet" product. And, assume a person clicks your banner and not making any purchase at that after. You will get affiliate commission even if he buy our another product (e.g ebook) after few days.

  5. Showing our products in your blog or website will add value to your site. Because we are continuously working on to release quality products which will give value for money spent on buying them. If you are our regular blog reader you can understand this fact.

I assume that people may be hesitating to join our affiliate program as prices of our products are low.

Note that these prices are introductory offer price only. We will be setting appropriate price once after completing the initial offers. For example I am going to set $60 for our Time sheet application.

Let me know ( if you still see any reason for not joining our affiliate program.

I understand that still we need to improve our products further. And, we will be working on to achieve this. Our Development team can help our customers if they find any difficulty in implementing our script in their environments.

And, if you are interested in implementing your own affiliate system, we can sell our affiliate script. Let me know if you are interested in buying our affiliate script.

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