Saturday, October 16, 2010

Time Sheet pricing announcement.

In my previous post, I have mentioned that I will set the price as $40 for our Time Sheet script. Today I have done a detailed analysis about pricing of our Time Sheet.

 I have gone thro' pricing pages of many existing Time Sheets. And, I have done some analysis about the features available in our time sheet and other time sheets. After doing complete analysis, I came to know that our pricing is very less. So, I am planning to set the price as $60 USD for buying our Time Sheet Script. Few months back I have explained the reason why I would like to keep our Time Sheet Price less. I believe $60 USD can be considered as inexpensive. Because, it won't require any user based license or time based license. It can be used for any number of users and for any number of years without making any additional payment.

And, unique advantage of buying our timesheet is our customization capability. Since this time sheet is developed from scratch by our own Team, we can do the customization easily for reasonable additional cost. Note that there is no change in our online version of the time sheet. It can be used freely as usual. You can either treat this as trial or you can continue to use it for your company employees. If you haven't applied it already, you can do it. I will implement this $60 USD price in few days, mostly after releasing version 3.0 of our time sheet. Version 3.0 will include a new screen for entering time in weekly basis also. Our Team has almost completed version3.0 changes, and I will be releasing it after doing some review/testing.

You can still use the $15 offer price for few days till implementing this price change. Click here to use this $15 offer. And, feel free to share your demo experience. If you think that our timesheet is useful, you can refer it to your friends, business circle, and your website/blog visitors. You will get affiliate commission also for your referral. There is an option for getting the commission upto 90%. You can refer my previous post about our affiliate program for more details.

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