Monday, October 25, 2010 is going down....

According to Google Trends data, visitors for is getting reduced day by day while and are keeping their visitors.

You can see the comparison here.

But still is leading among these 3 social networking sites.

The main reason for this change is, the users didn't like the new version of the Digg.

At the same time, reddit is taking necessary steps to keep their visitors. It is keeping its site simple while filtering our spam content. And, it seems it is tweaking its algorithm further to show relevant content for the users.

If you see the most visited link in Digg, it will be mostly the reddit discussion.

Simple sign-up/registration of attracts many new users also.

And, it seems Google also giving importance to reddit content. Recently I am seeing our reddit discussion links appearing immediately in Google search results. (i-e Google is crawling and indexing the Reddit content quickly or more frequently).

You can share your thoughts about the reason for this social media trend change.

I understand that Google Trends data may not represent the actual trend. But I assume that it will be proportional to the Actual trend. Let me know if my understanding/assumption is wrong.

I am doing some analysis about Google Trends, and I will be writing few articles based on my analysis. Especially I will write my experience about how the Google Trends help me to run PPC ads (e.g Google AdWords) cost effectively. If you don't want to miss them, you can subscribe. (It is free).

Similar to, is also going down.

You can see below the Google Trends comparison.

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