Friday, October 29, 2010

Our Site is Up Now and we are working on to avoid such issue in future

Our web site was down for around an hour.

Now it is Up. Let me know if you still face any issue with our Site. Sorry if it caused any inconvenience to you.

We are working on to find the root cause of this issue. Our hosting "byehost" says that it may be due to mysql connection problem. But we didn't see such a problem.

Anyway, our Team is working on to do some changes in our database/site setup so as to mitigate the damage caused by these type of issues.

And, I am working with our hosting to avoid this issue in future.

I had sent below message to our hosting support. And, I believe they will help to keep our site up and running most of the time.

I am very much upset with delayed response for this critical issue.

Basically we are doing web development for various customers using different hosting. Comparatively their support and service also good. But their price is comparatively high.

Initially I choose bytehost for my own use as the price is less comparing to others. But now I need to regret about my decision as the loss made by site downtime is becoming more than the gain made by the low price hosting.

Site downtime affects our reputation building efforts and our advertisement efforts.

Currently my business model is, creating scripts and websites for various clients.

But, I am planning to bring new business model. i-e I am going to install our scripts in various domains and start selling it after bringing good traffic. And we are planning to host free tools in our site.

Good hosting support/service is very critical for our new business model.

And, note that our core business is depending on the website. So, stable server is really very very critical.

I would like to know more details about below points.

- I understand that I can host 20 add-on domains from my current single cpanel account. Is my understanding correct? Or, you have any practical limitation?

- Currently we are not able to use of our Forum news letter feature. Because it seems you are allowing only less than 50 emails per hour. Will you increase it if I upgrade to next scheme (Business grade service)?

- And, shall we get more databases when upgrading?

- I would like to know whether your support is 24/7 or limited time support. Will it vary according to current scheme and business grade service?

- Do you take any regular back up of data/code? If "yes" in what interval? Will it vary based on the plan?

- According to Google analytic, our current traffic is moderate only. If your server/plan is not supporting this moderate traffic, how can I bring more traffic to our site. It severely affects our drive to bring good traffic to our site. If required I can upgrade the plan. But without any reason if I am upgrading now, I can expect the same issues even after doing upgradation.

- Can you please give me the names of few high traffic sites hosted by bytehost? It will help me to get confidence for continuing my traffic building efforts.

Our blog ( is getting significant traffic.
Many experts are advising me to move this blogspot blog to our own domain by installing wordpress. But I am not doing it as currently the server is not stable. It negatively impacts our business. Please refer

I never faced site down issue with our another domain hosted in India-based hosting. But I want to keep my primary domain with US hosting as I am expecting more visitors from US.

In summary, I would like to have good and long term relationship with good hosting which can provide good support/service at any time to keep our servers/domains up and running to make our business successful. I don't mind to pay more if it is required to have stable server/service.

I prefer to have this business relationship with bytehost itself. Because I don't want to waste my time in choosing another good hosting by trial and error approach.

Now my question is, whether you can provide support to have stable server and good service so that we can succeed in our new business model. Because Stable server and good service is very critical for the success of our new business model.

We are having lot of plans (e.g free online timesheet, easy learning, social bookmarking, news reader, forum,QTP tutorial, quotes) as part of our new business model. And, our Team is putting lot of hard work to develop useful scripts/applications. I don't want to see the wasting of their hard work by a unstable server/support. And, I don't want to allow the unstable server destroy our product sales efforts.

Let me know if you have any questions. And, forward this message to appropriate person if you are not the appropriate person to receive this message.

And, please note that my intention is not to blame the support/service of bytehost. But I want to have stable server/service to succeed in our new business model. I hope you understand this.


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