Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Track your employees work hours and project hours using free tool

In my previous post I have talked about the importance of having Timesheet for any start-up company.

I understand that many people will hesitate to spend money to buy any Time Sheet software immediately even when they know the importance of having Time sheet application.

The reason is, the entrepreneurs will be finding difficulty to choose appropriate time sheet application as time sheet should be used for long time.

The Time sheet should be easy to use at the same time it should be capable of supporting many employees when the company grows. It will be difficult to change any time sheet application once after start using it. It involves lot of work (e.g data migration, training for employees) when changing any Time sheet application.

And, many Time sheet sellers will charge the price based on number of employees. So, the cost will be getting increased when the company grows.

And, some other time sheet sellers will be just marketing their product. They may not have any development team and therefore they won't do any customization. So, the entrepreneurs will face difficulty when they are in a situation which needs some custom changes according to their own requirements. If they go for finding their own programmers to make the custom changes, they need to pay more money for the programmers. Because the programmers will need more time/effort to understand the current code of the Timesheet.

By considering all these facts the entrepreneurs will be delaying the purchase and implementation of Timesheet. It will severely affect their productivity and therefore their growth will be delayed or even destroyed. It may cause non-reversible damages also.

To avoid this issue, we have introduced free online Timesheet. i-e The companies can freely use our online Timesheet application.

Even individuals/freelancers can also use this free time sheet to improve efficiency of their work.

Once their request is approved they can create any number of logins for their employees. And, they can add projects and see the reports. i-e It will be almost same as having their own implementation of our Time Sheet.

Either they can continue to use our implementation or they can buy the timesheet script if they want to have their own implementation on their place/server with custom changes.

i-e You can freely use our online timesheet or buy the Time Sheet Script.

We can do any custom changes for reasonable additional cost.

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steven said...

Great post! It is an interesting tool that tracks employee working hours using a free tool. I also want to add this software that I use it is a screen monitoring software. It is designed for improving employee productivity.

Time Tracking Tool said...

Thanks for all the useful information I found on your site. I will bookmark and visit again. I found you while doing a search for “Web Based Timesheets”. Your site was most helpful in my research….

Leslie Scott said...

Good tips. Employees are the main assets of any organization and the support to make them productive at the work is a plus point for the employee as well as the employer. And what I understand that the best means of achieving productivity from an employee is to have the working hours tracked.

I was an employee of an MNC and I specifically manage to track my hours making myself along with my team mates being more productive from relative aspects.