Thursday, October 21, 2010

How to start using our free online timesheet?

I have explained about the importance of having Timesheet and announced our free online timesheet.

Let us see how to use our free online timesheet.

Just follow below simple steps to start using the timesheet which will help to improve your productivity.

1. Enter your email id and some other details in this page to apply for the free online timesheet. It won't take more time. You can complete this form within a minute.

2. You can start using our timesheet once after we approve your application. Mostly we will be approving in 1 or 2 business days. Let me know ( if your approval is getting delayed.

3. You will get an email once after we approve your application. You can login as Admin using the link provided in your email message. As a Admin you can create many number of Employee logins for your company.

4. You need to create projects. While creating the projects you can assign them to particular employees who are going to work on that projects.

5. The employees can login into their own account created by the Admin (i-e you).

6. The employees need to select the Date for which they need to book the time.

7. Employees will see the projects assigned for them. And, they can enter work hour and comments for each project on the selected date. Employees can book time for the non-projects also (eg Vacation, power-cut, learning)

9. You can see the reports of all projects and employee from your Admin login. Employees can see their own report in their login. You (Admin) can also enter time as Employee from your Admin login itself.

Refer our Help files to know more about reporting and other features.

Let me know if you find any difficulty in start using our Timesheet.

And, you can buy our timesheet script if you want to implement it in your own server. The offer price will end soon.

Don't buy our Timesheet from unauthorized people. We will do any further support and customization only if you buy from us.

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