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Free Email Subscription for getting our blog posts in your Inbox

We are providing lot of free products such as online Quiz, Easy learning, News Reader, SEO tools, and many other useful tools.

Apart from these free products, we will be announcing Offers and Discounts for our script sales and QTP training programs.

Initially I had planned to use Mass/bulk email option available in the Forum to update our readers. But our Forum member count is getting increased daily and our hosting enforces per hour restriction/limitation of sending bulk emails.

So, it is not possible to send the Newsletter email (Mass email) to all our Forum members.

To handle this situation, I am planning to post all the updates about our Offers and other important messages thro' the blog posts.

But some Offers will be valid for very limited time. So, you may miss the Offer if you are not reading our blog regularly.

To avoid missing offers, you can subscribe to our blog feed so as to get the blog posts in your Inbox itself.

Subscribing to our Blog is Easy and Free.

Just follow below simple steps to become member of our blog subscription.

1. Go to

2. Enter your valid email id and captach/security code.

3. Click "Complete Subscription Request"

4. You will get an email with activation link.

5. Click the activation link provided in the email to activate the subscription.

Once after completing these simple steps all our updates will reach your Inbox.
It will be done by Google Feedburner. So, you won't get any spam/junk. Even if I post multiple blog posts within a Day, Feedburner will consolidate all the posts and will send as a single email. In other words, you won't get more than one email per day.

So, you can do this free subscription without worrying about Spams. And, you can unsubscribe at any time easily if you don't want to receive the updates in your email. So, it won't do any harm to you if you subscribe for this blog.

And, remember to click the activation link in the email once after initiating the subscription. You won't receive the blog posts in your Inbox if haven't done the activation.

If you use RSS reader you can subscribe to the RSS feed.

Let me know if you need any more details about this free subscription.

I am planning to write more articles about Software testing, SEO, Business and Web Developments. And, our mass-up technologies will help to write more articles about latest news and hottrends.

Initially I tried to send below email message to all people who are in our address book. But due to per hour email limitation I stopped the plan and started writing this blog post.

You can forward this message to your friends if they are interested in knowing about latest tech news and our updates.


This is Raj from QualityPoint Technologies.

I am just sending this email to know whether you are interested to subscribe for our blog posts. (It is free).

You can subscribe to the blog posts which will be delivered by Google's Feedburner.

Ok, I will give some details about me and my company.

I am CEO and Founder of QualityPoint Technologies which is growing in the Software Development niche.

I am planning to write more articles about web development, software testing, QTP automation, search engine optimization (SEO), Technical News analysis and entrepreneurship in our blog.

And, we used to release many useful applications (e.g Timesheet , Easy learning, Quiz, SEO tool, HTML encoding tool, Email marketing tool, etc.) frequently.

Most of these applications can be freely used from our server. And, you can buy the script for low price and we will do any custom changes for reasonable additional cost.

Especially our TimeSheet will be more useful. In summary, our products/services will be more useful for you to improve your business cost effectively.

We know that there are lot of social networking sites available. Yet, we are also developing our own Social networking Site by hoping that we can provide more usefule site.

Apart from this Technical expertise, we are annoucning interesting contests and other interesting things. For example recently we have published Motivation Qutoes. And, planning to release motivational quotes widget so that anyone can easily embed it in their blog or websites. I used to go thro' all interesting/trending articles/images/videos in major social networking sites such as Digg, StumbleUpon, Twitter, FaceBook, YouTube,reddit, etc.

And, I will choose best of them and will put it in our Facebook page. So, just by seeing our FaceBook page you can access most trending things easily. Apart from your personal interest, it will help you to reach many people if you are doing marketing. And, our mash-up technology using yahoo pipes, Google Feedburner, cron job and Twitter API enhances it further. If you are interested in doing affiliate marking, our 90% commission option will be more useful for you.

But if you are interested in implementing your own affiliate system we can install the affiliate script for reasonable price. As of now, I am NOT expert in doing business. But I am growing steadily. And, I am open to share my experience and knowledge in my blog. It will be really useful for someone interested in growing in business. For example my recent post about vWorker site will be a lesson for anyone interested in using freelance site. And, our team is having good experience in developing complex web applications using php, mysql, cms, jquery, javascript and html.

Especially we can do complex projects involving php curl and mod_rewrite modules. You can get free quotes for your projects. As Christmas is approaching I am planning to concentrate more on our Christmas blog also. You can expect some good articles in this Christmas blog. I welcome any guest post from the readers also.

So, I believe subscribing to our blog will be useful. If you are not interested to subscribe, please let me know the reason so that we can improve our blog and products/services further. Our blog will have announcement about many offers for starting online business. Recently we announced about our artspoint script.

Click here to subscribe for our blog freely. And you can follow @globaltechnews to get latest tech news.

Thanks, Rajamanickam Antonimuthu

Note: Feel free to forward this email to your friends and business circle. It may help them to speed up their business developments.

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