Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Some thoughts on Freelance Sites...

In my previous post, I have explained the role of freelance sites in doing outsourcing of small-sized IT projects and article writing tasks.

Obviously, freelance sites help both the project providers and Service providers by acting as a market place.

And, their Rating system will be useful in someway. But I am not sure whether the Escrow system is useful or not.

I am planning to write a separate post about the Rating system and escrow system of various freelance sites.

And, I am working on to prepare list of freelance sites such as Guru.com, freelancer.com, and vWorker . If you are familiar with any good freelance site you can mention it in the comment section.

And, I am planning to do affiliate marketing for freelancer.com. So, let me know if anyone faced any bad experience with freelancer.com. I don't want to recommend any inappropriate site to our blog readers. I will rethink about doing affiliate marketing of freelancer.com if I get more negative comments about it.

Based on my understanding, the freelance sites should be used only for very small and short terms tasks only.

If you are going to outsource significant project you should know more details about the service provider.

Freelance sites are not suitable in this case. Because mostly IT projects need significant support from the coders for long run. But most of the freelance sites won't allow to have detailed discussion with the other party.

Based on my recent study about feedback of freelancers, it seems they won't be available for long run even if they provide excellent service at starting of the project. Initially you may feel that the freelancers will save significant money. But in long run you may face lot of difficulties which may result in loss of money and time.

And, the freelancers will not add any value for Team work. It will be affect your business in various aspects.

So, we should avoid freelance developers for significant projects. It doesn't mean that we should have lot of money to outsource with big corporates.

If you do some initial hard work to search some appropriate companies/teams, you can find lot of Teams like our Team in India.

Currently, we are fully engaged with our own products developments (e.g Timesheet) and promotions.

So, we will not able to start any project immediately.

Anyway, I will think about taking any challenging project which utilizes our skills in autopost and data Extraction (For example, We had developed a site which will automatically post resume to more than 70 job sites. i-e clone of resumerabbit.com)

So, If you are still interested to outsource any IT related task to us , you may need to wait for few weeks. Anyway, you can contact us to show your interest. I will let you know about our availability once we are done with our current pending tasks.

I used to think about how freelance sites were able to ask/force their users to use their escrow system even if it is not really useful to any party.

Today, I found answer for this question. Previously, I had explained about the vWorker issue.

As part of this issue, a Buyer had won the arbitration after spending lot of time (nearly one month) in the arbitration of vWorker. And, he is going to get back the Escrow Money.

But these type of Buyers are not realizing the Time wasted in the arbitration process. And, they are not knowing the consequences of these imbalanced arbitration and they couldn't envision the negatives they are going to get as a result of these biased arbitrations. (Are you not able to understand how the Buyers will be affected by the biased arbitration which supports them? If your answer is "Yes", you may need to read my coming blog posts which will explain it in detail)

In summary, the freelance sites such as vWorker are making use of the ignorance of these type of Buyers to their advantage.

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