Tuesday, October 5, 2010

SEO Tool for analysing Inbound links.

Previously I had written a blog post about the Inbound links and about their importance. And, we provided an option to see the inbound links for your URL using Yahoo site explorer API.

And, in our social bookmarking site also we provided an option to show inbound links of each submitted link.

It is very important to have many good inbound links to get free search engine traffic.

If your product or content is useful for the people, they will start putting your links in their blogs and websites. So, you will be getting inbound links.

Apart from this natural inbound link gathering, we can do Link Exchange and link submission to social networking sites also to get inbound links.

And, we should note that all inbound links are useful for getting good search rank.

Lot of factors (e.g Follow/NoFollow, number of outbound links, Anchor text and Page Rank ) controls the effectiveness of the inbound link.

It is important to measure your progress for SEO efforts by analyzing the quality of the inbound links. This analysis will become necessary if you outsource your link submission task and link exchange task.

Before start using this SEO tool, you should understand the importance of the Anchor text in the Inbound links.

Search engines especially Google will be giving more weightage to Anchor Text.

For example if I get many inbound links with Anchor text "good blog" for my blog, I will get lot of search traffic for the search keyword "good blog" without having single occurrence of this word "good blog" in my blog.

If you understand the above fact, you will be easily understanding the need for doing proper analysis about the inbound links.

We have provided a simple tool for doing this inbound link analysis.

It is having two versions.

1. Simple version will not require any database table. It will display link analysis report in simple format. You can access this here

2. Advanced version will use MySql database for storing the link history. And, it is having many options such as exporting the results in pdf format and in csv format. This advanced version can be accessed here.
You can refer this help file for more details.

You can use both versions freely. But you need to register with our Forum. Becoming our Forum member is free and you can easily complete registration in few minutes.

Becoming Forum member is necessary to prevent misuse of this free tool.

Anyway, you can view the previous reports without becoming forum member.

Note that we have set time out period to avoid spamming of our server/ip. So, test with a link having less number of inbound links.

If you want to have similar tool, you can contact me rajamanickam.a@gmail.com

We can develop any tool according to your own requirements. Or, you can buy copy of this tool for minimum price.

Let me know if you find any issue in using these free tools. And, you can give suggestions to improve them further.

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