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vWorker Review and Top 5 reasons for avoiding use of / RentACoder (RAC)

Read below the review of the freelance site This post reviews the Pros and Cons of using the freelance site And it explains the risks involved in using the

Freelance sites play significant role in outsourcing of small-sized IT projects and article writing tasks. is one of the Freelance Sites being used by web developers, programmers and Article writers. I have used for doing more than 100 projects. So, I believe I am the appropriate person to write the review about the

vWorker Review

vWorker.Com is part of the Exhedra Solutions Inc., and it was formerly known as RentACoder (RAC). They made this name change at 2010 even when most of the coders oppose this new name. uses reverse auction type bidding system.  i-e The Buyers (Employers) will post the project details in Site. And, the Sellers (Coders/workers) will bid for this project. The Buyer can select the one seller as winning bidder, and the winner will get the opportunity to work for that particular project.

vWorker.Com is having an Escrow system. i-e The Buyer will pay the money to the immediately after selecting the Winning Bidder. And, the Winning bidder will start work on the project only after making sure that the Buyer has deposited the money with the site.

Once after the Seller (i-e the coder or writer) completes his work, the deposited money will be transferred to the Seller's account. If there is any dispute between buyer and seller about the completion of the work, they can choose arbitration.

The money will be released to the Seller's account or reversed back to the Buyer' s account based the decision of the Arbitrator. And, will take 15% commission as fees from the Seller (i-e Workers).

And, the Seller will be paid to his Paypal account or any other payment mode, at scheduled dates.

Everything looks good when you read this post. But, you will be facing some difficulties if you start using it. Especially, you will be feeling it as a horrible site when you face arbitration. Instead of solving the issues, vWorker arbitrators will make the dispute more complex and will waste your time.

Becoming member of is Free. But, Fees (15% commission) of is the highest in the industry. And, some projects need Expert Guarantee also. i-e You need to pay for bidding on any project requiring Expert Guarantee.

Now, you can start reading below my detailed original post about

Top 5 reasons for avoiding use of / RentACoder (RAC)

I am trying to write this blog post without any bias. Anyway, if you feel that this blog post is biased you can share your thoughts thro' the comments.

This blog post is about the dangers of using a freelance website which is formerly known as RentAcoder (RAC). vWorker is a freelance website acting as Marketplace for bidding projects related to Software, web development, article writing and internet marketing. It is part of the Exhedra Solutions Inc.

If you are familiar with Google Suggest, you should be knowing about how it works and the significance of the Google Suggest. You should be knowing that the first word in the list is most frequently typed by the users and obviously it will be telling more about the search word.

When I typed rentacoder in, it showed "rentacoder scam" at first and it showed "rentacoder fraud" in (India). You can refer the below screenshots or you can try it yourself.

If you search "rentacoder fraud" on Google, you will see lot of blog posts and forum posts talking about frauds of Rentacoder (RAC)/vWorker.

When I searched "rentacoder fraud" on, I found 138,000 results. Almost all the results are related to the Rentacoder frauds. (This may be the reason why they changed the name to vworker.)
And, I think my blog post will increase this count by 1.

I am using vWorker around 2 years. Personally, I didn't face any payment related frauds with vWorker. They used to make the payment regularly for me and the Buyers used to give good feedback/comments as we worked hard to deliver quality products. So, I continued using the vWorker around 2 years. You can refer the Buyers feedback/comments here. You will be seeing Good ratings for us from lot of Buyers, except last few ratings which are poor due to inappropriate arbitration of vWorker.  And, you can contact me ( if you have any questions or if you want to outsource any project.

Recently, I came to know the reason why many people are saying rentacoder or vWorker as Fraud. And, I realized that I spent most of the time with wWorker unnecessarily in these 2 years.

I heard that some sites will do some kind of payment related frauds. i-e they won't make any payment once after getting the work. But I feel these type of payment frauds are having risk/danger lower than the wWorker behavior. Mostly we will be breaking the relationship with the payment fraud sites immediately once after we come to know that they are not making the payment first time. But vWorker story is different and it has more risk/negatives than usual payment fraud websites.

I will explain the whole thing in detail below.

Recently we had successfully completed a project for the Buyer of the vWorker site.

This project is about tracking the mobile phones location on Google Map.

We developed this application using Google Map API and the API key was provided by the Buyer and I explained the important terms and conditions of the Google Map API to the buyer (i-e Google Map API is free only if the application is free for the public).

And, the buyer tested the application and he released the funds from escrow and we received the payment also.

Then, the buyer had started an arbitration thro' vWorker by saying that our blog post about Google Map API is violating his copyrights.

But, actually our blog post is just a tutorial about Google Map API. It is nowhere related to the delivered code. If you are a developer you can understand that it is just a tutorial.

It seems the vWorker Arbitrator is not having any technical knowledge to understand this fact (But the vWorker is calling the arbitrator as Technical Arbitrator to have some fun)

So, the vWorker asked me to refund the already released funds. It made their Escrow system meaningless. But they are not mentioning it in their advertisements.

So, if you are a vWoker user know about this Risk/Danger. Don't believe the Escrow system of the vWorker.

Since there is no mistake from my side, I refused to refund the money. So, they closed my account. The notable thing is, they closed my account even without caring about the buyer of the other project. Just for namesake, they mentioned that we can continue the project of the other buyer even after closing the account. Obviously I am not going to continue the project after closing the account. So, now the buyer of other project is wasting his money/time with vWorker.

So, if you are the Buyer/Employer, you can understand the danger of using vWorker.

Initially, I thought that lack of technical knowledge for the Arbitrator is the reason for this mess-up. So, I contacted the Ian Ippolito who is the owner of vWorker. But I didn't get any reply from him. Instead, I got answer from Dawn Ippolito (Communications Director at vWorker) for my LinkedIn Question.

Her answer also didn't address the issue. And, she tried to say that they will ask refund only when there is some fraud from my side. So, I realized that they are trying to move the discussion in wrong direction than understanding/solving the issue. Anyway it helped me to understand that the management of vWorker is also aware these things and it looks like they are not taking care of the coders. I started writing this blog post only after realizing this fact.

Now, let us see why they closed my account. They are telling me that I violated copyright of the buyer by publishing a blog post about Google Map API.

So, it is obvious that vWorker and their Buyer are claiming rights for Google Map API which is the product of Google. In other words, they were blackmailing me to remove the tutorial about Google Map API which is the free product (with conditions) from Google. In summary, vWorker is trying to take ownership of Google product without having any dealings with Google.

So, I am planning to bring this issue to the attention of Google. But I think it will take some time to reach Google. Because, I am still not getting any response from Google about the blogger issue.

So, currently I feel informing the Coders/Developers/Freelancers using the vWorker about this danger/risk of using vWorker is having more priority than reporting with Google. Anyway, later I will take steps to take this issue with Google also. I am doing some ground works to have clear unbiased report about vWorker before contacting Google.

If someone informed me about the danger of vworker, I might have saved significant time in these 2 years. So, you can forward this blog post to your friends and business circle to save their time. You can share it in your social networking sites (e.g reddit, digg, linkedin, orkut, facebook, dzone,phpcamp,twitter, etc) also.

I will be happy if this blog post helps someone to save their time by knowing about the bad face of the vWorker.

Basically I wanted to concentrate more on our own developments than blaming or criticizing someone else. But, as per Mahatma Gandhi's below Quotes, it is my duty to resist this evil system (vworker) to be a good person.

A good person will resist an evil system with his whole soul. Disobedience of the laws of an evil state is therefore a duty.

Based on my recent study, mostly Indians are severely getting affected by vWorker.
So, if you are an Indian Coder/Developer/Article Writer think about this twice.

First think about why you should pay 15% commission wherein there are other alternates available with Good fee structure.

Since their Escrow system is complete waste, why do you want to use Escrow system? Instead find some good buyers using rating systems such as iTrader of Digital Point Forums. And you can provide your service/products to them without using any Escrow system. If the Buyer is hesitating to make any upfront payment, you can start work their task and show them prototype or some initial modules and then get the payment to proceed further. This approach will be multiple times effective than the Escrow system of vWorker.

I can say that vWorker Escrow system is useless . There is no real use of it.

And, if you know any other good website for doing freelance jobs, you can share it thro' the Comments or you can join in this LinkedIn discussion. If many people show interest for having a website for getting freelance work without any escrow system, I will create a website and run it for free. I can get revenue by showing advertisements. Or, time being you can use our Forum thread itself for buying/selling your service.
But in this model, you need to be very careful in choosing the buyer and getting the payment.

Currently I am using as a Buyer for outsourcing our website/blog promotion related tasks. As of now, it looks like it is better than the Let us see how it is going.

Ok, let us continue our discussion about vWorker. One important negative about vWorker is, they are great time wasters.

Most of our projects thro' vWorker were completed smoothly. But still I faced few arbitration with them. This arbitration experience is very bad. It will waste our time unnecessarily and finally they will take meaningless decision without considering any of our arguments.

Yet another bad thing about vWorker is their affiliate system. I had spent lot of time in displaying their affiliate links in my blog and tweets, and I can see lot of clicks in their report system. But till now I haven't got any affiliate commission. It is reasonable. I can not expect the affiliate commission immediately. But the bad thing is, vWorker closed my account without talking anything about the affiliate account. i-e I gathered lot of clicks and conversion may take place in near future. Since my account is closed, there is no use of this conversion. In summary, the time spent on advertising the affiliate links is complete waste.

Sometimes back, my linkedIn account got suspended as I used the company name in my name field. LinkedIn support helped me to solve this issue professionally and I got back my account within few days. You can see the details in my previous blog post. It clearly indicates the difference between a professional company (linkedIn) and a greedy company (vWorker). In any situation, vWorker is not comparable to LinkedIn. But I just wanted to compare my experience with LinkedIn and the vWorker.

It may appear that vWorker is at-least helpful and supportive for the Buyers/Employers. But it is not true. It used to waste their time also. And, due to bad experience good coders won't be available to continue the task. So, the buyer again needs to start from scratch. And, the injustice arbitration may give the buyer the escrowed money back (after the vworker takes its share), but it will heavily increase the competition for their business. For example, I have developed Mobile tracking application for one buyer. If he wins arbitration and get back the money using meaningless vWorker arbitration, definitely I will be selling the code to someone else. And, it will increase his competition. Additionally, we will be available for providing any bug fixes and enhancements for the competitor. So, obviously the buyers business will be destroyed by the vWorker arbitration.

So, vWorker is not good for Buyer/Employer also.

One more bitter fact is, vWorker name is selected without hearing the voices of the coders who don't want to be called as Worker instead of "Coders".

In summary, I am listing below the top 5 reasons for avoiding the use of

  1. Commission is high comparing to other freelance sites. It is always 15% even when the vWorker says that commission is 7%-15%. I have done more than 100 projects. For all the projects I paid 15% commission.
  2. Risk of account getting closed even there is no mistake from your side. In this case your client feedback and affiliate efforts will become useless.
  3. Escrow system is not safe as the vWorker may ask you to refund the released funds.
  4. Arbitration will waste your time whether you are buyer or coder. And, it will give headache to you.
  5. If you are a buyer, the wrong arbitration decision will force the service provider to create competition for you.

Anyway vWorker is still having its own benefits. Find below benefits of using vWorker.

  • They are genuine in making the payment.
  • There is no sign-up cost and there is no monthly membership cost. We can make any number of bids freely.
  • Their message board is user friendly and we can refer the project progress easily. And we can share documents and codes easily, and we can refer previous versions of the code also.
  • Email notification/alerts about winning bid, nearing of deadline, fund release, bonus payment and weekly status remainder is really useful.

So, it looks like vWorker is useful only when you start your career as freelancer.
After doing some projects thro' vWorker, you need to find some other appropriate ways as currently vWorker is not suitable for doing long-term and large-scale projects.

Let me know if you are coder using vWorker for long time without any issue in doing large scale projects. I would like to know the reason why you need Escrow of vWorker for doing projects with your known customers/buyers for the long term projects.

Now, I would like to know how may people got affected with vWorker. So, I created this Poll. You can take this poll to share your experience about vWorker (RAC).

And, I am giving below some people's bad experience with vWorker. I have collected them from blog posts and forum posts for the affected users.

If you have your own experience, share it thro' the comments.

Find below some part of the discussion in Internet Fraud by RentACoder

My name is Amir Ali Tayyab and I was operating as "aatayyab" on as a member only for two months with top10 ratings
there by my 5 projects within that short span. And then I was struck
with a bad surprise by a non-professional buyer, unfair arbitration by
a arbitrator and owner of in my last
project where I suffered these losses;

1. they confiscated my rightful money to be paid by the buyer and
returned it back to him. The buyer name is Mr.Terence Brown
() and he was operating as "safrica2" buyer on . This buyer had 10 arbitrations out of his total 40
which he always won with 10 different coders. Hence a sense of favorism
towards buyers is clearly visible and this buyer always used such an
unfair favorism to deceive and rip off many coders of their rightful
money like myself and run away with completed projects under the
protection of "deceptive" existence of fraudulent internet websites

2. they appointed an arbitrator Mr.Ajay Bathija
() to resolve my issue with the buyer, but he
took sides of the buyer and turned down all of my requests for
professional testing/arbitration.

3. they rated me as MINUS THREE on their website in that specific
project and;

4. they deducted money from my own account as a penalty

5. they issued me warnings to withhold my own money left in my account
if i did not stop pursuing it legally.

I protested all this to owner of, Mr.Ian Ippolito
(), but he too took unfair side of his
arbitrator and the buyer.

This Forum post discusses 50 ways to Force Shut down fraud business like Find below some of them.

#0 Creation of a website with forums and blogs - Domain name like that will give website a place in first page of google for same keywords that rentacoder uses.If word rentacoder is typed in google search, the second search result will be fraud alert website.

#1.Post as a project on 30 freelance websites about what rentacoder did to them.
Several thousands software buyers and coders will come across those postings.
They will withdraw their deposited money and close account with rentacoder.They will provide testimonials , some of them might be already victims and might be feeling helpless.And many coders will offer services for software development.

#2.Find 50 programmers who are victim of rentacoder. Get their feedback on forum.
A good idea is to see who had arbitrations in profiles and send them a message.
Such coders and buyers will be given complete anonymity , no personal info. will be required to register.

#3.Write articles about rentacoder fraud and publish on 250 articles websites.
This will ensure that 1st result in google for keyword freelance will open
20 articles will give 5000 backward link , that means high placement in google , not only this, the articles will be there forever and many new visitors will be coming in for many years.

#4.Project funding. The actual cost of developing the website is less than $100.
Web designer bids very low. Victims will donate .and I have got a good software source code for websites with forum.

#5.Tell to all victims that they can report to BBB and square trade with all details.

#6.Forum topic : IF you are a victim of rentacoder, we wil fight for you. Let us know your experience.

#7.Find articles about rentacoder fraud and create archieve .Visitors will be able to download all articles at one place . in a zip. suggest me if it is better to link to original website where article is present, copying may be a copyright violation. though we can copy with permission and give credit and link back.

Marketing Campaign

#8. Publish archieves/articles/posts in

a. Blogs - 1000 blogs would be enough ?

b. Yahoo answers - who is the number one fraud. Answer : rentacoder. see the website


d. - there coders come to find codes

e. business forums - there buyer comes


g. 30 most popular source codes website


Suggest me more. To be effective we need to place articles,testimonials on 10000+ places which are very relevant and highly likely to be found by buyers and sellers.

I prefer to develop and publish downlodable sharewares on shareware websites because they give 250+ PR1-10 links that improves google and search engine rankings as well as good featurs.

#9. A downloadable software that popup desktop alerts when fraud alerts are raised by admin on website.

#10. A chatroom

#11. A browser toolbar like google toolbar that alerts on desktop.

#12. Tell a friend form. Fill 20 email address in form and we will send all of them an email.

#13. software source codes can be published on websites like, ( ) , There are 50 more .

#14. The competitors of this frauds who are honest will surely help. A competition research can be done on web.They can fund the project as well as help in several other ways.

This discussion talks about negatives of vWorker. A vWorker user shares his 3 years experience with vWorker.

First of all, VW (vWorker) charges a worker 15% as the commission. This is a fixed charge for workers. If you compare the commission amount, this is the highest in the industry.

When it comes to features, VW is still catching up with some of the other sites. As an example, they do not allow groups to operate at VW as companies. Due to this, employers cannot find serious companies providing services at VW.

The customer service officers, usually called as ‘facilitators’ are not quite competent in technical matters as well as taking logical decisions. No offense for anyone of those, but there are many accounts that they’ve showed poor judgment. When you compare this with other similar sites, some others have far better customer service and a conflict resolution process.

The technology used by VW and the terms of services published by VW have many ambiguities.

This post shows the blackmailing culture of vWorker.

-First of all I'd like to let everyone know that Rentacoder is really a slave
shop where you spend hours on end working on for meagre blessings.

-You will be at the mercy of a very harsh web site creater, operator, webmaster,
and "support" person named Ian Ippolito.

- Excerpt from a past rentacoder dispute - words from Ian Ippolito : "1) I
will be reporting you to the VISA (or Mastercard) Internet Fraud Division with
your tracked email address
and IP Address (both of which have been re-confirmed
again by the headers in this email you just sent me!). Every time we've done
this, people have lost their credit card accounts, and I look forward to making
you lose yours.

- Do you really want to be working with someone who "looks forward" to a person's
demise? Stop and think before doing anything with - the site
"owner" shows absolutely no restraint when it comes to answering support questions
and problems.

This is the case study about Rentacoder's meaningless arbitration.

Since the website charges almost 40% or even more in shape of fees, processing, payment and what not. But still there are many complaints of website coders that they were NOT paid due to unfair arbitration process being mishandled and misuesed by the so-called arbitrators or buyers.

This has led to many criminal cases being registered against this website and we have heard many stories from coders especially from the area of Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka of them being exploited by the buyers via unfair arbitration processes being taken place at those sites.

This article says RAC (Rent A Coder) is "dead" for now.

Let’s be honest that RAC promotes bad providers and cheap, crappy, insecure code. When you devote more time to do something right on RAC you get punished for your goodwill.

Here many people including Buyers share their bad experience with vWorker.

An arbitration with NO PROGRESS lasting 5 months.
A loss of $300 due to a slight delay which was explained.
Numerous mistakes on behalf of RentACoder (self admitted)
Arbitrators taking more than 7 days to reply.
Copy and paste answers with no real understanding of the situation.

If you want to avoid all of the above, DO NOT USE RENTACODER.

Are you a freelance developer or entrepreneur? And, wants to spread this article to your fellow developers and entrepreneurs then put below link in your blog, site, or forum posts.

<a href="">vWorker review</a>

And, feel free to share it in your Social network sites also.

I will update this blog if I get any further happenings. If you are interested to read them, you can subscribe to get the updates in your Inbox freely.

I have asked few questions for the Let us see how they are responding for these questions.

Updates on July 25, 2012 (i-e After 20 months)
It is going to reach almost 2 years since I stopped using vWorker. I am happy about NOT using vWorker as I could find lot of good opportunities instead of wasting my time with vWorker. We had developed our own products and selling thro' our own websites. And, We had developed lot of websites and sold some of them thro' Flippa. And, now I have taken initiative to make our TheQuotes.Net website as the Most viewed Motivational Quotes Site.

Updates on August 24, 2012
According to wikipidia, the reason why the Arbitration process for vWorker is slow and inefficient is because the company "" uses as arbitrators the same people it uses for receptionists and customer care issues.
I am NOT sure whether it is valid reason. Because I believe the receptionists too can do better than the vworker arbitrators. There should be some other reason for doing this kind of poor arbitration. You can share your thoughts thro' the comments.

You can bookmark this blog for further reading, or you can subscribe to our blog feed.


device independent mobility said...

You are rite my friends thats why i roll back..

Anonymous said...

The google searches for rentacoder scam relates to "coders" asking to be paid through Western Union, as well as some emails that were going around some years ago asking for your password and seeming to come from rentacoder but really being a phishing scam.

I have been using rentacoder for almost a decade as a buyer and the site has protected me from what would have been a bad experience on many occasions.

I suspect the buyer with the Google API had in his requirements that they wanted 100% ownership of the code, in which case beginning work for them knowing that they would not own the whole code was were the problem started. You should have asked them to amend their requirements so that you had also been protected by rentacoder. I've had this come up over and over when I post a project and coders want to give me GPL/open source as part of the solution.

In my experience, if you can't make it work in rentacoder, you can't make it work anywhere else. If the work was done in the USA you'd probably get sued fir breach of contract. That's why both parties have to agree to it before any work is started. If it had been in writing that part of the solution you were providing was not going to belong to the buyer, rentacoder would have protected you.

Lastly, a comment on the name change. Over the years rentacoder has expanded to where you could hire the services of editors, graphic designers and many others so I can see why they'd want the name changed. It is also shorter to type and say and we won't have to abbreviate to RaC.

Thanks for inviting me to read your post. I enjoyed the project you did for me. But I'm afraid I will continue to use rentacoder/vworker.

Antonio Rodriguez

Rajamanickam Antonimuthu said...


Thanks for your comments. I think we have done "iPhone calendar" project for you. I really appreciate your help provided to complete that project as we haven't had iphone to test it.

Happy to know that you enjoyed the project.


Anonymous said...


You will always lose the arbitrations! Michele Nisi is a HUGE idiot that has no technical knowledge whatsoever. The RULES they have in place are flawed.

Arbitrators will always use their standard response to arbitrations : ” Oh my sorry to hear this.” and they NEVER READ ANYTHING you say in the arbitration. If you are right in your allegations THEY WON’T READ IT. They ALWAYS threaten you with closing your account instead.

ALL THIS IS COMING from a top 500 coder that has worker on vWorker/RAC for 8 years now.

THEY KNOW that you don’t want your account closed and they use that to scare you out of what it’s rightfully yours.

True, I’ve had projects that went smooth. But arbitrations were always lost because of the INCOMPETENCE of Michele Nisi who has no idea how some projects work. Michele Nisi, you’re useless!

These idiots take percentage from both BUYER and CODER. Their fee of 15% is actually more like 18%. They have HIDDEN FEES.

I call to everyone that had similar experiences with vWorker/RAC to come forward and share their stories.

This crap has gone on for too long!

Logo design services said...

vOwrker/RAC - 15% charge ? wow !

Ashley O'Dell said...


I’m Ashley O’Dell, an arbitrator on vWorker. If we truly made a mistake on your arbitration then we will correct it, and will also publicly apologize to you for any and all mistakes here on this forum.

On the other hand, if you fairly lost the arbitration and this is a case of you deliberately spreading misleading or incorrect information (for whatever reason), then we cannot, in good conscience, change the result of your arbitration, because it would be unfair to the other party who legitimately won it.

To begin the process, please tell me your screen name or the project Id. We will then begin by publishing every detail of your project, the work you did on it and the arbitration publicly to this board (and the entire internet) so this can be discussed transparently and openly.

Ashley O’Dell

Rajamanickam Antonimuthu said...


See man, my intention is not getting any apology from you or deliberately spreading misleading or incorrect information.

I published this post to warn everyone about the dangers of using vWorker so that our blog readers need not suffer as I did.

My screen name is "QualityPoint Technologies". Anyway, I don't believe you will do honest public arbitration too.

Because, I already contacted your CEO "Ian ippolito" during very initial stage of the issue. But he didn't care about it. And, I had discussion with "Dawn Ipplolito" thro' LinkedIn. She also didn't care about it. And, I contacted thro' vworker FaceBook page also. But I was asked to follow the vworker arbitration instead of doing public discussion because the other party is not available in public.

Now, you mean to say that you will bring all other parties involved in all my vworker arbitrations publicly here?

And, will you give back all my money/time lost in your previous arbitrations if I win this public arbitration? Are you going to deposit this money in

(I believe will NOT be same as your escrow which is meaningless as you are able to get back the money released from the your Escrow)

And, will you compensate for my time spent on this public arbitration if you stop it in the middle in case you are not able to bring all the other parties involved in my all arbitrations?

And, will you give back the access to my vworker account to refer the arbitrations?

I welcome your decision for publicly releasing the arbitration details so that everyone will come to know about inefficient arbitration process of vworker.

I am happy to allow you to publish arbitration history publicly. But you should remember that you are the responsible person if the other parties raise questions about their privacy. Anyway you proved that vworker won't care about privacy of its users.

I am NOT sure how this public arbitration will be effective other than just wasting our Time as usual as all other vworker arbitrations do waste the time.

So, my suggestion is, instead of wasting time here, you can concentrate on your future arbitrations to do it properly so that the vworker sellers are not affected unnecessarily.

Anyway, I can spent time on this public arbitration as it will help me to show more details about vworker risk to our blog readers.

(Because most of the people are still wasting their time/money in vworker instead of doing direct dealing thro' forums or classified sites which are free)

And, I know why you people are willing to care about it this time whereas just ignored me when I contacted everyone in vworker management previously.

That's the power of Google

So, my humble suggestion is, do your work properly, everything will happen correctly.


Anonymous said...

I am interested in the outcome of this discussion. I too have had bad experiences with V-worker and what was RAC in the past.

Some of the arbitrators are robotic, with complete lack of sense. For whatever reason they side with the Employer 90% of the time.

Ashley in particular is one that has limited knowledge and understanding with regard to certain areas.

I find it humorous that she publicly replied to your blog. I will await her response, and then post a few incidents that myself and a few other colleagues have had with the site, and Ms. Odell in particular.

Rod Smith, vWorker said...

This is Rod Smith from Thank you for confirming your screen name. I was able to locate your profile on vWorker. In your posting you mentioned reviewing all previous arbitrations. However, your original blog posting focused on a project involving Google maps. I found the project and arbitration, which I think you are referring to. The name of the project is PHP MYSQL Website Google Maps.

Ashley made an offer to you, which is the same offer that has been extended to other people that have posted negative information about vWorker arbitrations. We are not offering to contact the other party in all your arbitrations and go through the arbitration process again. We are offering to post the arbitration in a public forum so that we can review it publicly. The purpose of posting the arbitration as public is to allow the arbitration process to be viewed in a transparent manner as well as allow open discussion of the process.

As Ashley mentioned in her offer, “If we truly made a mistake on your arbitration then we will correct it, and will also publicly apologize to you for any and all mistakes here on this forum.” Ian Ippolito responded to some of your posts on other sites and said, “At the same time: if we didn’t and you or any of these other people are not being entirely truthful or honest, it is only fair that this also needs to be made public as well. The only way to do both of these things is to expose everything to the light of day and make it all public.”

I understand your concern over the privacy of our users. We are also concerned with the privacy of our users. Please keep in mind that we will not violate our privacy policy, or the privacy of our users. The employer and worker legal agreement contains information relevant to this situation. Before posting the arbitration publicly, all confidential information will be removed.

In order for us to proceed to posting the arbitration as public, would you please answer the following questions?

1) Can you confirm the title of the project/arbitration you are referring to in your complaint? It is PHP MYSQL Website Google Maps?

2) In that arbitration there was an issue regarding 3rd party code. Can you tell me how much of the code on your blog posting, which was mentioned in arbitration, is standard Google example code? If the code is more than 50% standard Google example code, where we can find the example code?

Rajamanickam, I look forward to your response so we can move on to the next step in this process.

Rod Smith, vWorker

AshleyODell said...

Rajamanickam Antonimuthu (a.k.a Quality Point from Tamil Nadu, India),

Several weeks have passed and you did not respond to the previous offer to review your arbitration. We even posted this offer on your web page, but you withheld approval for our 2nd response to be seen publicly (for reasons known only to you).

Despite your lack of response, I wanted to make sure there wasn’t a problem we needed to correct with our arbitration process. So I did some research and was able to find your arbitration anyway.

When I did, I found that many things that you publicly presented did not actually match up with what happened. The most important is why you lost. The employer accused you of disclosing confidential information (his copyrighted source code and his mother’s confidential phone number). The arbitrator was able to verify that both of these were posted publicly on your blog (in fact they are still there as of the time of this posting). The details on how the arbitrator verified this can be seen here on your public arbitration record.

Rajamanickam Antonimuthu, your contract states that if you post inaccurate information about the arbitration in public, we have the right to discuss it transparently and openly by making the arbitration public (as well as all the details of the project). To protect the other party’s interests in this matter: we already contacted them and have removed any confidential information (passwords, intellectual property, etc).

We sincerely request that you not post inaccurate information about what happened to you in this arbitration in the future.

Ashley O'Dell

Anonymous said...

I have used Rentcoder without much issues in the past several years.

The only time was when I called arbitration due to a coder taking too long to finish the work and giving so many excuses.

During that time, RAC did not appear to side with me. Eventually, the work carried on and was completed.

I will agree with you on one thing - Michele Nisi does not conduct the arbitrations properly. He probably never reads the problems carefully, or he doesn't have any technical knowledge whatsoever.

Otherwise RAC/vWorker is ok. I do not know about their affiliate program and whether they are honest enough to pay affiliates though.....

An affiliate company whose product I promote, has NEVER credited me with a sale even after 4 or 5 years. I have their banner on a high traffic website, and I cannot believe I never scored a sale all this time!!

So, I truly believe affiliate companies cheat. Whether vWorker cheats or not, I don't know.

Ashley O'Dell said...

Rajamanickam Antonimuthu (a.k.a Quality Point from Tamil Nadu, India),

This is my 3rd attempt to post this information on your blog. I am kindly requesting you to approve this posting so this information can be discussed openly and transparently.

Several weeks have passed and you did not respond to the previous offer to review your arbitration. We even posted this offer to you on this blog, but you withheld approval for our 2nd response to be seen publicly (for reasons known only to you).

Despite your lack of response, I wanted to make sure there wasn’t a problem we needed to correct with our arbitration process. So I did some research and was able to find your arbitration anyway. When I did, I found that many things that you publicly presented did not actually match up with what happened. The most important is why you lost. The employer accused you of disclosing confidential information (his copyrighted source code and his mother’s confidential phone number). The arbitrator was able to verify that both of these were posted publicly on your blog (in fact they are still there as of the time of this posting). The details on how the arbitrator verified this can be seen on your public arbitration record.

Rajamanickam Antonimuthu, your contract states that if you post inaccurate information about the arbitration in public, we have the right to discuss it transparently and openly by making the arbitration public (as well as all the details of the project). To protect the other party’s interests in this matter: we already contacted them and have removed any confidential information (passwords, intellectual property, etc).

We sincerely request that you not post inaccurate information about what happened to you in this arbitration in the future.

The details about the arbitration, including a link to the public arbitration page, can be seen at: .

Ashley O'Dell

Rajamanickam Antonimuthu said...


I have approved your comments today only as your comments were automatically moved to the SPAM section by the Google Blogger.

I am ready to do public discussion about the arbitration. Can you bring the other party (buyer) also?


Anonymous said...

1000% True about vw.

Have you sued them yet, please do so if you haven't - Yes you can make a little $ there but prepare for lots of disappointment too. Ippolito's Vworker/rentacoder is filled with heartless employees and worthless buyers. Buyer's almost always win their fake "arbitrations" - they should just call them refunds. I've unfortunately lost hundreds on the site. Was your lawsuit successful ?

PS. They do monitor such posts will MOST likely hold it against posting users. Scumbags...

Anonymous said...

I'm last poster above. Vw has just cheated me again, their pay for time jobs are just as bad or 100% worse than their previous formats. Vw offers 100% protection for buyers and minus zero protection for coders unless you are their cash cow Gravity Jack Inc whom they have protected from several high profile, expensive and ugly arbitrations. Honestly Ippolito and his demon arbitrators like kulkarni need to be in jail or court at least.

Cheated vworker.

Anonymous said...

They are cheaters, their arbitration system is completely unfair for coders

Ozgur said...

We strongly agree that such websites as are scammers. Avoid at all costs! We are planning to create an open-source version of and similar scammer sites. We are looking for volunteer developers to join our team.

Ahmed said...

These vWorker guys follow every discussion against vWorker, ask people about their screen-name and deactivate them.

I havent seen such negative company in life, I am not in USA otherwise I sue their ass and close them.

Anonymous said...

Hi we are waiting for vWorker guys to reply to make the public arbitration

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