Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Be aware of the people who spread false message about online business to earn money by selling secrets (which are actually not secrets)

Today I get a chance to read an article about making money from blogging. It was published in as a Guest Post. You can refer this article here.

This Article is having many comments and almost all comments are describing this article as an inspiring one.

Are you thinking that their article is really a useful one?

If your answer is "Yes", it will be clear that you are NOT having enough skills/experience to know the truth hidden behind the false messages.

Let me explain in detail.

First, I will let you know why I need to write this post pointing false messages of only, while the entire internet is filled with lot of fraud websites.

The reason is, is projecting as genuine website, and more than 174K RSS readers are following and they are having lot of facebook page fans and Twitter followers.

So, anyone seeing will believe that whatever published in is true. (but actually it is NOT).

And therefore, I need to write this post for explicitly pointing out the false messages being conveyed by the

Ok, I think I have explained the reason why I am writing this post to explain the dangers of reading the

Let me next explain about why I am saying that the is spreading false messages, and then I will explain why is doing this.

The author of this post "Jon Morrow" is claiming that he started getting good traffic for his web site within few months and declared that he sold the site for five figures.

Anyone with some basic knowledge about website sales will easily understand that no one will buy this site for five figures. It will be clear that this person is writing incorrect/false messages in his post.

You may ask me, how come I can blame the for the false messages included in the Guest Post.

Let me explain the reason.

I had conveyed my concerns about this Guest post to the thro' the comments section. Till now they haven't taken any initiative to remove this post which is misdirecting the readers by giving false messages.

And, they haven't even approved my comments. So, it is obvious that is intentionally spreading this false message so that their readers will be thinking that there should be some secrets available for making huge money from blogging. And, again you may ask, how will get benefits doing this?

If you go thro' the, you will find the answer easily. They are selling books such as "Secrets for Bloggeing your way to a Six-Figure Income". Now you got the answer, correct?

Based on my understanding, there won't be any secret in making money from your blog. You will freely get all the tips and tricks for making money from your blog if you do some Google search or participate any healthy discussion in Forums such as digitalpoint forums.

In short, don't believe the people who are trying to cheat you by saying that you can get secrets for making huge money from your blog if you buy any book from them.

Do you agree with me? Or, you still believe that you can buy secrets for making money online? You can share your thoughts thro' the comments.

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