Monday, May 16, 2011

News about Google News - Improved user experience, look & feel and social media sharing options

Google News has enhanced the look & feel and navigation to effectively utilize the space while improving user experience.

And, it has provided Social medial Sharing options (Facebook, Twitter, Buzz, and Email) also.

Google Blog says, "Now you can easily see more content"

Find below the key features of the improved Google News.
  • Click-to-expand - Only the first News cluster will be in expanded position. All the other News clusters will be in collapsed condition. We can expand them by clicking on the news at any place other than the title.
  • Labeled diversity - You will be seeing the labels such as Opinion, In-depth, International and highly cited in the expanded News cluster.
  • Multimedia and more- The expanded News will have related images and video contents.
  • Personalized top stories- You will have the option to choose either standard edition or the personalized News.
  • Less is more  -The default view is now the popular “One Column". Anyway, still you can switch to "Two column" view.

For more details you can refer the official Google blog, and you can start using Google News.

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