Monday, May 2, 2011

Suggestions for PayPal enhancements

We are using the payment gateway PayPal mostly for selling digital products. (You can refer our products for more details)

Since the Buyer can download the scripts or ebook once after making the payment, returning the product is NOT appropriate as they are digital products which can be made multiple copies easily.

Recently one Buyer escalated a dispute with PayPal for asking refund for the script he bought using paypal.

But he is even not able to tell the problem he faces with the script. So, it looks like he blindly started asking refund even without start using the script.

So, obviously PayPal dispute was completed with favor to me. i-e I need not refund the money to the Buyer. Anyway, I had to spent lot of time unnecessarily to participate in the dispute. (But still it is NOT like which will completely waste your time with meaningless arbitration)

And, after solving the dispute PayPal had asked the suggestions for improving it further. I had given below suggestions. I hope it will be useful for the Sellers who are mainly dealing with digital products. I am NOT sure about the feasibility of implementing these suggestions. What do you think about these suggestions? You can share your thoughts thro' the comments section.

What one thing could PayPal do to improve your experience in a dispute situation next time?

PayPal can show some warnings (e.g No refund allowed) to the Buyer while buying digital products. I think it will help to reduce the disputes.

Anyway, if any seller wants to give refunds for digital products, paypal can ask the Seller preference while creating the paypal button.

And, it can either show the warning or hide the warning based on the sellers preference.

What could we do to improve the online message system used in PayPal's Resolution Center? 

Paypal may connect some social profile (verified) of the users so that we can understand each other better. (e.g Flippa is allowing to connect facebook and Linked)

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