Tuesday, May 24, 2011

HostGator Hosting is now available in India also.

In my previous post I had  explained my experience about moving the hosting to inform everyone about the importance of choosing reliable hosting provider.

Till now I haven't faced any issue with HostGator hosting and their support is really good.

HostGator is seeing incredible growth since launching in 2002. Currently it is one of the 10 largest hosting companies in the world.

And, it is expanding, both in the USA as well as internationally. Now it is launching HostGator India, www.hostgator.in

HostGator India will providing local hosting with servers in India, localized support from India Office which is located in Nashik, Maharashtra., India.

The Indian office works 24x7 and provides technical as well as sales and billing support.

The latency to the Indian servers from within India and Asia is very low.
And, the network path is also very short and it never travels out of India, so an international broken backbone will never affect access to the sites hosted in HostGator India.

Currently it is billing US dollars and Hostator India is having plans to bill in Indian Rupee and also planning to accept payment via local banks using netbanking or via local debit cards.

And, currently Hostgator India is keeping the schemes and  price same as Hostgator.com except the service charge difference. So, many people are saying that this is the indirect way of Hostgator for outsourcing its operations to Non-US country. What do you think about it? You can share your thoughts thro' the comments. In any case, I believe it will give benefits to everyone.

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Unknown said...

Thanks for your insight! I have tried the Dedicated Server in Australia and having a Dedicated Hosting really is beneficial.

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