Monday, May 16, 2011

Guest Posts for the smartphone website which is getting good organic traffic.

Few months back, we had launched a website for showing iphone related news especially verizon iphone related news.

We had included free classifieds module also for this site. We created entire site SEO friendly, and he have done some off-page optimization also to promote this site.

And, therefore this site has started getting lot of organic traffic from search engines. Web site traffic for this site is growing very fast. And, Google has started indexing lot of pages (As of today, it has indexed  around 10K pages.)

As a win-win approach I am planning to allow Guest Posts for this site. You can add your link along with the Guest post. It will help you to get targeted traffic.  Our regular guest post guidelines will be applicable for this site also.

If you are interested in writing Guest posts, you can contact me with your post suitable for getting published on

Let me know if you have any questions about our Guest Post scheme. And, you can subscribe to the RSS feed if you want to get the latest news about iphones.

You can subscribe to our Email posts, and you can bookmark this blog for further reading, or you can subscribe to our blog feed.

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