Monday, May 9, 2011

Google's innovation/creativity continues in Doodle. Today it shows Random Images for Roger Hargreaves during each page refresh

Today Google is showing Doodle for celebrating birthday (May 9th) Roger Hargreaves, a British author and illustrator of children's books such as Mr. Men and Little Miss series which are suitable for very young readers.

Google continues its innovation/creativity in showing Doodle.

Today's Google Doodle is showing different images for Roger Hargreaves whenever we load the page freshly or while refreshing the page.

Find below some of the image when I got while refreshing the Google home page.

Previously, Google had showed some interactive doodles such as PacMan Game, animation of apple falling from tree for the Newton's birtday, Bunson burner animation, Charlie chaplin video and Earth Day animation.

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