Friday, May 27, 2011

One week Special Offer for QualityPoint Products especially for SEO scripts.

We have developed many products including TimeSheet, many SEO tools,  and E-mail marketing tools which are useful for any start-up business for improving the performance of the employees and for promoting the products online cost effectively. And, we are selling Resume posting script also.

Since the scripts are developed by our own Team, we can do any custom changes at reasonable additional cost.  And, we are developing lot of websites for sales.

For promoting sales of our products and websites, I am announcing special Offer for one week time starting from Today (May 27th 2011). And, this Offer will end on June 3rd.

Let me explain the details about this Special Offer.

I will be giving special Discounts ranging from 20% to 40% if you buy more than 1 product.
If you are planning to buy more than one product during this Special Offer period, instead of buying from our sales page  you can contact me ( with the name of the products you want to buy. And, I will let you know the price calculated by including the Discounts and will let you know my paypal account details. You can get the products by making payment to my paypal account.

You can buy all our SEO Tools (Inbound link Analysis Tool, Search Engine Keyword position finder, and PR sorting) as SEO package just by paying $98 USD during this Special Offer period.

So, start  choosing the products from our products page now  itself to make use of this Special Offer, and contact me ( with the name of the products you want to buy.

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