Thursday, May 5, 2011

US - Pakistan relationship?

Pakistan Army has issued a first statement after the killing of Osama Bin Laden. It says that the U.S. military personnel in the country will be reduced to the "minimum essential" levels.

And, Pakistan's army has admitted to "shortcomings" in its efforts to locate Osama bin Laden

The statement warned that if the U.S. launches a similar raid in the future then the army and intelligence services will review their ties with Washington

It seems the army and government in Pakistan have come under criticism domestically for allowing the country's sovereignty to be violated.

Time blog is saying that  "Pakistan May Have Been Cheating on the U.S. But Don't Expect the Marriage To End"

"The Government should not be able to steal money from the American tax payers and give it to Dictators around the World - whether it is Pakistan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia or Egypt" said Congressman Ron Paul.

Do you think that Bin Laden killing  will affect the US-Pakistan relationship? Will US cancel the  $1.5 billion annual assistance to Pakistan?

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