Friday, May 27, 2011

iPhone 4 is launched in India eleven months after the the global launch of iphone 4

Apple iPhone 4 is launched in India today (May 27th) nearly a year after the next-generation version of the popular smartphone was rolled out worldwide.  The iPhone 4 was launched in June 2010 in the US, followed by other countries.

The latest iPhone has gone sleeker, more angular and razor thin compared to its predecessor. Apple's fourth-generation model comes with 3.5 inch display and 640x960 pixel resolution. It boasts a higher-quality screen and longer battery life than the previous model, two cameras including one of 5-megapixel with built-in LED flash.

Indian carriers have recently started rolling out high-speed third-generation (3G) mobile networks. So,  sales of smartphones such as iPhone will be increased in near future.

With more than 800 million mobile subscribers, India is the world’s second-biggest market for mobile phone services and is also the fastest-growing.

The Indian Mobile carriers Aircel and Bharti Airtel have started selling iphone 4.

Bharti airtel rolls out iphone 4 in Kolkata and in 34 other cities in India.

Bharti Airtel executive director Deepak Mehrotra said,

"Pricing is (Rs) 34,500 for 16 GB, 40,900 for 32 GB. But there are offers that Airtel is offering for its customers which would basically mean you would get 50 per cent discount on your usage of SMS, data and voice on using this phone, which could translate to as higher discount as 24,000 rupees over a period of 24 months."

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