Saturday, January 8, 2011

Added "Auto Trends" feature in our Twitter Application

As mentioned in my previous posts we are continuously  developing and releasing useful Tools.

As part of this effort, today we released "Auto Trends" feature in our Twitter Application.

You can see more details here.

This feature will be very much useful for getting more followers for our  Twitter Accounts. Mostly these followers will be real followers and that will help us to promote any product or service.

It works based on the fact that search engines especially Google use "real time search" algorithm to show the tweets in front page if those tweets carry the keywords searched by most of the people at that moment.

You can start using it freely in our server.

You can simply enable this "Auto Trends" for any of your Twitter Account easily just by few clicks. And, you can disable it at any time if you don't want to use it.

So, now our Twitter application is having four features (Stats, Multipost, AutoTweet and Auto Trends).

And, we are planning to release lot of new useful features soon (e.g Auto feed, Multi Tabs, keyword alert, etc)

Apart from our own use, we are planning to sell few copies of these script.

 So, we have created a sales page  for start selling these scripts. We will start promoting this sales in few days. Before starting the promotion of this sales, I am willing to give priority to our own blog readers.

So, if you are interested to buy these scripts you can contact me soon.

And, we have created Sales page for our SEO Tool - Keyword position finder also.

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