Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Using PHP with IIS

Normally we use PHP with Apache Server. It can be set up easily. You can refer my previous post to know the exact steps. Or you can use WAMP server setup wizard.

Today I set up PHP with IIS for one of our Customers.

Normally, I used to recommend open source for anyone. Since this customer is already having lot of other things with microsoft technologies, he preferred to use IIS. And, Apache has to find some other port as IIS already occupied the default port 80.

So, I decided to set up php with the IIS.

I tried various approaches such as msi installer and manual setup of cgi with the downloaded zip.

But they didn't help.  I used to see different error messages.

Finally  I was able to successfully setup php with IIS using FastCGI approach. You can refer the details here.

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