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The Demand for Demand Studios - Guest Post for Article Writing Contest

Find below the Guest post written by Wendy Lau.

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The Demand for Demand Studios

Wendy Lau is a New York City-based guest blogger for My Dog Ate My Blog and a writer on accredited online universities for the Guide to Online Schools.

The Internet has opened up new avenues for communication.  Today anyone can participate in open forums or establish a blog or a Website to share their knowledge, thoughts, and views.  It has also opened up opportunities for writers to make more money, through the increasing number of pay-per-article article sites.

Pay-per-article article sites, such as Demand Studios, are becoming increasingly popular.  In today's market where job growth is slow and the unemployment rate is at a high, more and more people are resorting to sites like this to make some money.  There are deadlines to meet, but you set your own schedule, you choose your assignments, and you determine how much or how little to write.

As a freelance writer myself, I find these pay-per-article article sites very convenient.  Often times, freelance writers have a need to constantly look for new opportunities; once a gig is over, if you don't have anything lined up, you don't have any income rolling in.  During slow times or even on a regular basis, pay-per-article article sites are a resource for writers to ensure income continues to flow.  And, because you are under no obligation to work at certain hours or take a certain number of writing gigs, these sites offer much flexibility.

Demand Studios is one of several pay-per-article article sites I have personally signed up with.  So, you may be wondering how does it work, how do you sign up, and how much can you make?  Check out more information below.

How does it work?
Demand Studios is a provider of content, whether it is video content or online articles. Demand Studios determines what subject matters are of interest and their editorial team oversees content developed by writers such as myself before they get submitted to sites such as, eHow and many others.

Essentially, article titles are posted along a job board and as an approved writer, you select from the job board what you want to write, following set guidelines and deadlines (you typically have 7 days to complete the assignment).  Once complete, your work is submitted and a copy editor will review the content and fact check.  If no revisions are necessary, your work is published and you get paid for the assignment.  You continue the process of selecting another title to work on if you choose.

How do you sign up?
Simply visit Demand Studios and apply to be a writer. You will need to submit your basic contact details, a writing sample of at least 300 words, a link to published work (optional), a copy of your resume detailing relevant experience to the role applied for, and you will need to review and agree to their Contributor Agreement.

Following the application submission you will receive an e-mail (typically within 24 hours), informing you on whether you've been approved to join their writing community.  The approval notification will include a Welcome Packet with all the information you need to know about writing for Demand Studios and how to get started.

Before you can start writing, you'll also be asked to complete your bio, provide a headshot photo, and complete information for payment.

How much can you make?
How much you make will be determined by what type of assignments you choose and how many titles you decide to take on.  There are a variety to choose from, including About articles, Decision articles, Fact sheets, How Does articles, How To articles, Lists, Tips, and more. Rates on articles can run as high as $25 each, plus revenue sharing options.

Payment is also set up easily via PayPal and Demand Studio typically sends out payment twice a week, on Fridays and Tuesdays.

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