Saturday, January 29, 2011

CheckPoints in QTP

A checkpoint is a verification point that compares a current value for a specified property with the expected value for that property .

We can view the results of the checkpoint in the Test Results window.

Types of CheckPoints

            We can add various types of checkpoints

  • Standard check point
  • Text check point
  • Text area check point
  • Bit map check point
  • Data base check point
  • Accessibility check point
  • XML Check point (from Application)
  • XML Check point (from Resource)
  • Page check point
  • Image checkpoint
  • Table checkpoint
Standard Checkpoint checks the property value of an object in your application or Web page.
 The standard checkpoint checks a variety of objects such as buttons, radio buttons, combo boxes, lists, and so forth.
For example, you can check that a radio button is activated after it is selected or you can check the value of an edit box.
Image Checkpoint checks the value of an image in your application or Web page.
 For example, you can check that a selected image's source file is correct.

Bitmap Checkpoint checks an area of your Web page or application as a bitmap
Useful for testing zoom of map and for testing logo.

Table Checkpoint checks information within a table.
Text Checkpoint checks that a text string is displayed in the appropriate place on a Web page or application
Accessibility Checkpoint identifies areas of your Web site that may not conform to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines  (e.g Alt for Img tag)
Page Checkpoint checks the characteristics of a Web page.  (e.g web page loading time, checking broken links)
Database Checkpoint checks the contents of a database accessed by your application.
XML Checkpoint checks the data content of XML documents in XML files or XML documents in Web pages and frames
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