Friday, January 7, 2011

Added New Chapters to the Software Testing and QTP Automation eBook

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In summary, our eBook is spreading among the people very quickly. So, I wanted to add more chapters to this eBook.

And, the demand/need for QTP knowledge is also growing according to my analysis with

Today, I have updated our eBook with many new topics in both Software Testing and QTP.

So, now it is having below contents.

  • Importance of Software Testing
  • Basics of Quality Assurance (QA) in Software Development
  • Explains below Terms used in Software Testing.
    • Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
    • Functional & Non-functional Testing
    • Testing methods (whitebox, blackbox and Greybox)
    • Testing levels (Unit Testing, Integration Testing, System testing, Regression testing, Alpha Testing, Beta testing)
    • Testing Artifacts (Test plan, Traceability matrix, Test suite, Test case)
    • Software Test life cycle
    • Bug Tracking
  • Writing Good Test Cases and Finding Bugs effectively
  • Tips and Tricks for doing AdHoc Testing
  • Best practices in Software Testing
  • Importance of Software Test Automation using tools such as QTP
  • Need of Domain Knowledge for Software Testers
  • Software Test Automation tool evaluation
  • The need for having development/programming knowledge for Software Testers
  • Software Testing Questions and Answers
  • Introduction to QTP
  • How to Learn QTP?
  • Understanding Object Repository
  • Different Types of Object Repositories- Local and Shared
  • Associating Repositories
  • Understanding Action Iteration and Test Iteration
  • Required Steps/Processes in QTP Automation
  • Best Practices in QTP Automation
  • Scheduling QTP Script Execution
  • Basics of vbscript
  • Links Useful for learning QTP
  • KeyWord Driven Testing and Framework in QTP
  • Descriptive Programming in QTP - Advantages and Disadvantages
  • Tips for doing effective QTP script Development
  • Recording Modes - Normal, Analog and Low level recording
  • Run Mode- Update Run and Fast Run
  • CheckPoints
  • Data Tables - Global and Local Sheets
  • QTP Result Window
  • Recovery Scenario
  • Synchronization Points
  • Automation Object Model (AOM)
  • Handling Passwords in QTP Scripts
  • Managing Object Repositories in QTP
  • Object Spy in QTP
  • QTP methods and script for reading object properties
  • Some Thoughts on QTP Interview
  • QTP trial version installation.
  • Wish list for the QTP future release
  • QTP Questions and Answers

I am going to keep the same price ($12 USD) for few days even when I have added new topics in this eBook. If you want to use this offer you can buy it from our sales page.

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