Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Do you own a WebSite or Blog with Google Page Rank ? It is for You...

 We are working on to release few large scale products soon . So, I am planning to start doing Direct Advertisements in addition to our current Google AdWords Advertisements.

 i-e In next few months we are going to allocate significant budget for advertising our products which are getting tweaked now.

I am in the process of finding websites/blogs which give more conversion for our products sales.

So, I am planning to give Discount Coupon code to the interested people. This Coupon code will be unique for each person. They can give this Coupon code to their website/ blog readers so that they can buy our products with Discount. This Coupon code is applicable for our QTP Training program also till closing the Batch registration.

If you are interested, you can contact me (rajamanickam.a@gmail.com) to get your unique Coupon code. Remember to mention your website/blog also.

I will be sending an Unique Discount Coupon code with Specific Discount value and Validity Date. I will decide the Discount value based on Google Page Rank of your website/blog.(but minimum 10%)

You can give this Coupon code to your readers by displaying it in your blog/site and by mentioning it in your news letter.

This Discount Coupon Code will help you in Two ways.

- It will add value to your Site/Blog as it will give Discount to your readers/visitors for valuable products.
- It will give opportunity to be publisher of our Direct Advertisement campaign. Because I am going to select our Direct Advertising Publishers based on the conversion measured by these Discount Coupons

And, of course it will increase our Sales. So, it will be a Win-Win approach.

Note that I will give be giving this Coupon Code to the people having good website/blog only. And the Discount value will be varying based the Page Rank of the site/blog.

So, if you are ready to help your readers/visitor by giving them Discount, you contact me (rajamanickam.a@gmail.com) now to get the Discount Coupon Code.

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